ONESOURCE Certificate Manager

Sales tax exemption certificate management software Manage the accurate tracking and validation of tax exemption certificates to reduce the risk of penalties.

Manage Customer Exemption Certificates in ONESOURCE Determination

Effortlessly collect exemption certificates with the Exemption Manager in ONESOURCE Determination.

ONESOURCE Determination

Why choose ONESOURCE Certificate Manager

Managing sales and use tax exemptions in multiple states can get complicated — missing, incorrect, or invalid sales and use tax exemption certificates can slow down sales and inflate tax assessments, or even trigger audits and costly penalties. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Certificate Manager manages the accurate tracking and validation of sales and use tax exemption certificates. It optimizes the certificate management process by increasing the efficiency of collection, validation, and reporting on sales and use tax exemption certificates.

On-premise or in the cloud, you have anytime, anywhere access to streamline the entire lifecycle of sales and use tax exemption certificate management. Plus, you'll have an online portal where your customers can directly upload their own sales and use tax exemption certificates, so you'll spend less time tracking them down. Use Certificate Manager with our Determination software to calculate sales and use taxes more accurately, streamline the process for exemption certificates, and see fewer exemption status disputes and sales tax audit penalties.

What you get with our indirect tax exemption certificate management software

Time and cost savings

Collect, validate, and report on exemption certificates more quickly, to save your staff time and your company money.

Easy customer uploads

Let your customers upload their own indirect tax exemption certificates directly to the Certificate Manager Portal.

Integrated calculations

Boost the accuracy of your indirect tax calculations and reports with our integrated tax determination software.

Timely notifications

Use the 30-day expiration countdown to remind you to notify your customers to update exemption certificates, so your compliance files are current.

Built-in tax exemption forms library

Streamline research with our library of more than 300 current and historic indirect tax forms.

Customized reporting

Extract tax reporting data and export certificate images with our customizable reports, so you can better respond to audit requests and disputes.

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