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Thomson Reuters indirect tax solutions manage the entire sales and use tax lifecycle — from sales tax policy configuration, calculation, all the way to sales tax filing and remittance.

The ONESOURCE Indirect Tax product line is comprised of a suite of global indirect tax software and services. Our solution delivers a consolidated and patented approach to achieving higher degrees of accuracy when managing sales and use tax determination and compliance. The Universal Tax Determination Engine (UTDE), our rigorous process for determining the correct tax implications, is the only one which has been granted a U.S. patent. Our patented process gives tax professionals increased control over tax policies all across North America, as well as, around the globe. Ultimately, our end-to-end solutions improve cash flow by reducing and/or eliminating penalties, interest, and overpayments.

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Indirect Tax Global Determination

Indirect Tax — Global Determination

Automate, centralize and truly transform indirect tax determination functions into repeatable, predictable and reliable processes.

Sales Tax Automation for the Mid-Market

Sales Tax Automation for the Mid-Market

Cloud-based technology and integrations designed for mid-market companies with the same, powerful enterprise-grade ONESOURCE Indirect Tax software for sales and use tax calculation and compliance.

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Integrate ONESOURCE Indirect Tax determination engine with your ERP systems and business specific financial applications.

Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Ensure timely, accurate and well-documented sales and use tax return filings.

Indirect Tax Reporting

Indirect Tax Reporting

Reconcile indirect tax data fast and accurately.

Tax Certificate Manager

Tax Certificate Manager

Collect, display, store, and track all exemption and resale certificates in seconds.

Transform indirect tax determination and compliance

Thomson Reuters comprehensive, tax-content driven determination software covers over 14,000 U.S. taxing jurisdictions and over 175 countries, delivering automated, on-time, monthly tax updates via our SSAE 16 certified global tax research processes. Our sales tax software enables companies to consolidate global tax policy in one central location, regardless of the type and location of your financial systems. Centralizing tax policy decision-making truly transforms indirect tax determination functions into repeatable, predictable and reliable processes.

And when it comes time to file your returns, our sales and use tax compliance software gives preparers expanded access and flexibility, greater accuracy, reduced risk, and improved filing efficiency.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax at Electronic Arts

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