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WorkFlow Manager

Workflow management software to drive your entire tax process

Why choose Workflow Manager

To produce tax data that’s consistent, compliant, and provision-ready, you need control over your entire tax workflow. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager combines document management, data management, and collaboration tools to drive your tax process from start to finish. Track and analyze projects at every stage, automate manual tasks, and easily find the information you need to make strategic decisions. Empower your team to work smarter together and simplify your entire tax process.

What you get with our powerful workflow management software

Task management

Prioritize tasks, monitor progress, and complete projects accurately and efficiently.

Entity management

Manage corporate data including owners, contacts, geographic locations, tax ID numbers, intercompany transactions, and more.

Robust security

Safeguard against corrupted or lost data with customizable permissions and automatic backups.

Unprecedented control

​Set levels of access for each staff member and lock down confidential files. Plus, track staff activity with a full audit trail.


Add-on module of WorkFlow Manager that electronically stores, archives, and secures documents in one central place.

Tax Calendar

Add-on module of WorkFlow Manager that tracks multiyear deadlines, payments, extensions, and filings in one central place.

ONESOURCE gives 99% time-savings back to VF Corporation

Hear CPA Caleb Tevis explain how ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager helped VF Corporation keep all of their existing data in one place

WorkFlow Manager makes our process truly efficient. With the time saved, I’m looking forward to spending more time on tax strategy and analysis that will benefit the company as a whole.

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