International Tax Calculator Easily process the complex forecasting and tax planning tasks for your international operations


Learn how to make complex international calculations simple and more accurate

ONESOURCE International Tax Calculator provides an innovative software solution to help manage international tax related deliverables including accurate foreign calculations for 10Q filings, development of planning and repatriation scenarios, entity charting, and access to tax rates around the world. Use ONESOURCE International Tax Calculator to forecast foreign income inclusions to minimize return to provision true-ups, and to greatly reduce the potential for misstatements.

Global expansion drives the importance of global tax forecasting and planning

ONESOURCE International Tax Calculator, easily calculates all the cash-tax and deferred-tax calculations required on foreign earnings for the tax provision process. This tax planning software solution can help eliminate the errors and re-work often encountered when using homegrown Microsoft® Office Excel templates for calculations.

Residing on the ONESOURCE platform, this software solution is capable of leveraging prior-year international compliance information and current financial data through integrated transfers from ONESOURCE Income Tax and ONESOURCE Tax Provision. This integration within the ONESOURCE suite establishes repeatable processes that lead to stronger controls while minimizing manual processes that can introduce costly errors.

ONESOURCE International Tax Calculator

Performs all traditional U.S.-centric international tax calculations including Subpart F, Section 956, Foreign Dividends, U.S. FTC and non-APB 23 DTL. Includes calculations for new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act international tax provisions Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income Adjustment (GILTI), Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII), Base Erosion Anti-Abuse Tax (BEAT), and Foreign Dividend Received Deduction. Calculates the impact of “what-ifs” including changes to the entity chart, cross border payments between jurisdictions, and multi-year repatriation ideas.