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DAC6 Reporter

Our DAC6 software helps you comply with this EU requirement, reducing the risk of costly mistakes

Why choose DAC6 Reporter

Taxing authorities worldwide are continuing to adopt and implement new rules and procedures as they respond to this new, global economy. At the forefront is the new EU mandatory disclosure regime, DAC6 Directive 2018/822. DAC6 imposes mandatory disclosure of cross-border arrangements affecting at least one EU Member State that falls within one of several categories or “DAC6 hallmarks” identified as potentially indicative of aggressive tax planning. DAC6 imposes heavy fines for non-compliance, as well as reputational risk, so it will pay to be prepared. Thomson Reuters DAC6 Reporter powered by Orbitax is a comprehensive, secure, enterprise-wide solution for identifying and accurately reporting reportable cross-border arrangements while reducing time-consuming workflows and manual intervention.

What you get with DAC6 Reporter

Comprehensive lists on upcoming deadlines

Track reporting deadlines for each country and assign related tasks.

Auto-populate DAC6 reporting forms

Complete required forms in the required format for filing.

Automatically flag arrangements

Automatically capture and flag cross-border arrangements and transactions for reporting

Robust collaborating and reporting tools

Collaborate with stakeholders for data gathering and to finalize reportable arrangements.

Save time and avoid substantial penalties with our DAC6 reporting software

DAC6 reporting is here and it applies to more than EU headquartered companies.

DAC6 applies to all multinational companies (MNE) with business operations in the EU. DAC6 compliance is mandatory, and fines are substantial. Thomson Reuters DAC6 Reporter powered by Orbitax is available through both Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE and CHECKPOINT platforms. Businesses can act now to plan for compliance, curate additional information they will need outside of their ERP to determine if a transaction needs to be reported, and avoid regulatory and reputational risk.

Act now – DAC6 won’t leave room to take action later.

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