Corporate income tax software

File your U.S. corporate income tax return more quickly and accurately with the most trusted tax software on the market

Why choose Income Tax software

Companies face an ever-increasing burden of corporate tax compliance. Managing this manually in-house by your tax department is time consuming to identify the right tax forms and documents, especially when you do business across many states and jurisdictions. With Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Income Tax software, access the most comprehensive and trusted direct tax software on the market. Complicated tax forms are simplified, calculations are accurately computed and filing requirements are met with ease. Have everything you need for virtually every type of tax return – including more than 2,500 federal, state, and local forms. This corporate tax software efficiently manages every step of the tax process, from workflow to tax compliance.

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What you get with our corporate income tax software

Fed, state, and int’l tax compliance

Simplify calculation and reporting of federal, state, and international foreign tax credits, earnings, profits, and deemed-paid credits.

Trial balance management

Make research quick and efficient with a built-in, customizable tax law database. Assure tax compliance while providing a comprehensive tax accounting system for trial balance management.

E-filing IRS

File IRS tax returns and schedules electronically — and check their status from any mobile device.

Seamless integration

Enter or update data only once and see it flow to all applications and returns, including ONESOURCE Tax Provision, the Estimated Payments module and ONESOURCE International Tax Calculator.

How to buy ONESOURCE for corporate tax compliance

Complement your package with Checkpoint Edge to access up-to-date research resources, editorial insight, productivity tools and news updates

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