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Corporate income tax software

File your U.S. corporate income tax return more quickly and accurately with the most trusted tax software on the market

Why choose Income Tax software

Companies face an ever-increasing burden of corporate tax compliance. Managing this manually in-house by your tax department is time consuming to identify the right tax forms and documents, especially when you do business across many states and jurisdictions. With Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Income Tax software, access the most comprehensive and trusted direct tax software on the market. Complicated tax forms are simplified, calculations are accurately computed and filing requirements are met with ease. Have everything you need for virtually every type of tax return – including more than 2,500 federal, state, and local forms. This corporate tax software efficiently manages every step of the tax process, from workflow to tax compliance.

Standardized tax return templates and customizable state taxable income workpapers make it easy to complete the right federal, state and local and international returns — more quickly, accurately, and securely. Filter tax return data in seconds, and drill down easily for incisive analysis. With our market-leading corporate income tax software, you can simplify tax compliance whether your company is just U.S-focused or a large multinational.

Bring income tax compliance in-house with our automated solution    

Rely on our automated tax compliance software – trusted by in-house tax professionals 

ONESOURCE Income Tax software has been the U.S. corporate income tax market leader for over 25 years because it delivers accurate and timely results that tax professionals trust most. Whether you’re thinking about bringing income tax compliance in-house or co-sourcing processes, ONESOURCE can help your company navigate tax compliance challenges with ease.


What you get with our corporate income tax software

Fed, state, and int’l tax compliance

Simplify calculation and reporting of federal, state, and international foreign tax credits, earnings, profits, and deemed-paid credits.

Trial balance management

Make research quick and efficient with a built-in, customizable tax law database. Assure tax compliance while providing a comprehensive tax accounting system for trial balance management.

E-filing IRS

File IRS tax returns and schedules electronically — and check their status from any mobile device.

Seamless integration

Enter or update data only once and see it flow to all applications and returns, including ONESOURCE Tax Provision, the Estimated Payments module and ONESOURCE International Tax Calculator.

See what our customers are saying

ONESOURCE works for us because it makes our job easy. We’re not answering questions all day, and we’re not spending countless hours trying to file the return.
ONESOURCE Income Tax Testimonial Rahr Corporation

Learn why Rahr Corporation chose to bring returns in house with ONESOURCE Income Tax

How to buy ONESOURCE for corporate tax compliance

Choose the ONESOURCE corporate income tax software to best serve your needs

Direct Tax Enterprise package

One solution for every step of the Direct Tax life cycle

Access all the ONESOURCE income tax tools your business needs to remain compliant. Complement your package with Checkpoint, Checkpoint Edge or the Orbitax International Tax Platform to access up-to-date research resources, editorial insight, productivity tools and news updates.

Perform tax compliance in-house with ONESOURCE   

Thinking about bringing income tax compliance in house? Our cloud hosted suite gives you the ability to own your data while allowing flexibility in your business model to accommodate in-house tax compliance or co-source some of your tax compliance. Regardless of how you choose to staff your compliance function, you own your software, your process, and your data. The benefits of ownership outweigh the cost of licensing your own software through automation of manual processes, greater efficiency and risk reduction.

customers say

"I spend a significant amount of time gathering financial and other data my outsourcing firm needs for the preparation of my federal and state income tax returns — such as trial balance amounts, state data, and details of financial transactions and tax attributes. Much of this time includes manually formatting and rolling up that data to fit their requirements."


By using ONESOURCE Income Tax and the supporting ONESOURCE data management tools, you will spend less time manually manipulating and preparing your data and more time analyzing results that can lead to faster insights about the tax impact on your business. The firm will work directly in your instance of ONESOURCE. The ONESOURCE data management tools enable efficient processing of data, and eliminate the need to touch data multiple times.

customers say

"I’ve seen significant turnover of staff at my outsourcing firm. Every time this turnover occurs, I must spend time re-educating new staff on the tax implications of our specific business. This cycle of turnover and retraining is distracting to me and lowers the value of the outsourcing service."


By using ONESOURCE Income Tax, you gain a consistent and repeatable process for your income tax compliance reporting that is documented. Using ONESOURCE Workflow Manager enables a standard and scalable process with documentation and tracking. Transitions will occur. With ONESOURCE, new staff can step right in without missing a beat.

customers say

"I’m concerned about the risk of losing confidential and sensitive data that I have provided to my outsourcing firm. My company relies on maintaining confidential financial and tax data and loss could have serious ramifications to my business."


Rest easy knowing your data is secure in ONESOURCE Income Tax and protected by up to date, certified systems — with access limited only to those you authorize.

customers say

"The annual cost to my business for outsourcing our income tax compliance has become very expensive and increases every year — especially when other related services such as extensions, estimated payments, responses to notices, and audits are considered."


By using your own ONESOURCE solution, you always have access to your data and your filings. You can augment related services in a way that minimizes the additional cost to your company to manage the costs of compliance.

customers say

"I find it challenging to effectively consider the tax impact of tax planning and forecasting on strategic business decisions, because I don’t have adequate access to our current and historical tax data."


By using your own ONESOURCE solution, you always have access to your data (current and historical) and your filings for tax planning and forecasting. You are able to leverage the planning and forecasting capability of ONESOURCE whenever you need to.

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