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RICS Land Journal – Cross River, Nigeria

Aumentum, Blog March 18, 2014

Once crippled by land management disarray, the Nigerian state of Cross River is bouncing back with a cutting-edge plan to restore trust and transparency.

Only a few years ago, Cross River, a state of just over 3 million people, was in the grips of land anarchy. An antiquated land management system RICSrelied on paper records and a manual process that was cumbersome, time-consuming and fraught with error. Documents were forged. Parcels of land were sometimes allocated to multiple owners. The entire system was vulnerable to theft and corruption. Land disputes were rampant. The state lost precious revenue. And investors were reluctant to risk their money in such a tenuous environment.

Today, Cross River’s land disarray “is a thing of the past,” says Dr. Clement Oshaka, director general of the Cross River Geographic Information System. In 2009, the Cross River State government launched a new era in land administration. Led by Governor Liyel Imoke, Cross River has made land reform the centerpiece of a bold effort to encourage development, promote investment and bolster the trust of its citizenry.

The RICS Land Journal in its April 2014 edition, published the rest of this story – find it here: The Cross River Revival_Land_Journal_March-April_2014.