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Bridge gaps in experience with Checkpoint Edge for tax professionals

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting  

· 5 minute read

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting  

· 5 minute read

The abacus was cool, but Checkpoint Edge is the new tool in town

Accounting has never been known for its “cool factor,” but platforms like Checkpoint Edge are working to change that. The industry is facing significant challenges as more accounting professionals are leaving than joining it. And no, it is not for lack of demand. The work is there and growing, while firms are left struggling to hire and hire quickly. Move over “Great Resignation”; the “Big Squeeze” is taking over.


Learning curves and experience gaps

Senior accountants are overwhelmed with the demand to train newly minted staff while dealing with an industry undergoing increasingly complicated and complex compliance concerns and scrutiny. Meanwhile, the new hires are trying to get up to speed, but access to knowledge and experience is limited to the availability of senior staff. Fortunately, platforms like Checkpoint Edge and AuditWatch are proving to be invaluable as multifunctional tools capable of accelerating the learning curve and improving the quality of work quickly and efficiently.

How can firms bridge gaps in experience?

Discover the innovation of Checkpoint Edge and AuditWatch. These innovative tools combine forces to help bridge the knowledge gap, streamline communication, and boost productivity in your firm.

Trying to increase the number of people going through CPA programs is going to take at least five years to have any impact. Reducing the number of people exiting the field for retirement or higher-paying consulting gigs is unlikely to make a large enough impact. Communication takes time, and differences in styles, language, and medium preferences between generations present constant tension.

Working smarter, not harder

Introducing a new platform elicits a mix of enthusiasm for the promise of what the platform can do, and anxiety about whether it will work as intended. Checkpoint Edge puts the users first. From digital natives to digital immigrants, an intuitive user interface offers easy navigation for users of any age or experience level. Having such a powerful tool at your fingertips enables everyone in the firm access to an extensive library of resources. Those who require answers can get them quickly and efficiently, reducing the time spent scheduling meetings, moving work along, and responding to clients. Senior staff experiences an immediate reduction in the number of interruptions, and those developing their skills have access to the information they need when they need it.

Since Checkpoint Edge is designed specifically with accounting professionals in mind, enhanced search functions speed up the time spent searching for information. Home of the industry’s most sophisticated AI-powered algorithm, the search functions offer predictive searches which can be further modified based on concept markers presented to help find information faster. A real-time saver when sorting through millions of documents and comparing multistate tax requirements.

In today’s fast-paced business world, the demand for efficient and precise data handling is very important. Imagine a workplace where mundane, repetitive tasks no longer consume your valuable time and the risk of an unnoticed inaccuracy doesn’t keep you up at night. Instead, rediscover the elusive work-life balance, allowing your expertise to shine, and bridge the experience gap with your senior partners. Enter Checkpoint Edge – This revolutionary platform offers users access to various tools designed to streamline workflows. By delegating these cumbersome tasks to Checkpoint Edge, tax and accounting professionals can now effectively manage large data projects, reduce the likelihood of human error, and swiftly identify and rectify discrepancies.

The “Know, Like, and Trust” factor

Comparing platforms between those from trusted establishments and start-ups? The explosion of solutions available is exciting, but as is well known in sales, it all comes down to “know, like, and trust”. Thomson Reuters is one of the biggest and most established names in the game. With over 100 years of experience, our breadth of expertise combined with a reputation for a commitment to advancing the competitive advantage of professionals in complex marketplaces and industries needs no introduction. We understand the needs of our clients and the industries they work in.

To meet those needs, Checkpoint Edge has comprehensive and robust security measures to protect confidential and sensitive information. Being able to retain the data, do research, and compare calculations all in the same platform ensures a higher degree of protection over switching between apps and programs. Clients will be better served with faster, more accurate answers to inquiries leading to a higher degree of customer service and client satisfaction.

Empowering teams to work and communicate more effectively and efficiently is a hallmark of business in the 21st century. Bridging the gaps between communication styles and preferences has been a challenge for most firms as people’s careers extend longer, and up to four or five generations can work together. Time constraints, heavy workloads, and volatile staffing issues have increasingly emphasized the need for technology to fill the gap. Checkpoint Edge was designed to meet this challenge in a way that everyone in the firm can utilize and appreciate.

Adding it to your arsenal will give you an edge over the competition, the fluctuating regulations, and delivering exceptional customer service.


Interested in exploring the innovative ways Checkpoint Edge can help bridge the experience gap in your firm? Embark on your Checkpoint Edge journey with a complimentary trial today!



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