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Why pay for a tax research tool

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting  

· 5 minute read

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting  

· 5 minute read

Explore five reasons why paying for a tax research tool is worth it

Checkpoint Edge is an AI-powered tax and accounting research tool that allows you to search for up-to-date information on what needs to get done, how it should be approached, how it needs to be documented, and the review process. When clients call, they expect you to have the answers. Rather than hiring and waiting for information back from outside consultants or risking misinformation from junior staff, go straight to where over six hundred expert contributors have authored millions of pieces of content managed by a team of professionals for accuracy and relevancy.

1. Get accurate results, faster with Checkpoint Edge

Your attention to detail has been a great advantage, but eventually, manual calculations are bound to have a slight error. Errors tend to happen when people are up against the clock and their attention is being pulled in numerous directions, and tax time is the perfect example. Reduce costly errors by leveraging the power of sophisticated algorithms and calculation tools to get accurate results faster. An industry-leading editorial team with over 5,00 combined years of editorial expertise provides reliable and accurate resources to help you navigate the unexpected. You can capitalize on time management and offer your attention where it is truly appreciated – with your clients.

2. Streamline tax and accounting processes with Checkpoint Edge

When the time comes, having an extra set of hands or a tool is nice to help save time and finish the work. Checkpoint Edge offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly navigate and access the information they need. Automate data entry, calculations, reconciliations, and reporting. Having robust resources that span federal and state rules and regulations you can shift responsibilities to staff encouraging them to develop their skills by providing access to the Checkpoint Edge tool. Fewer questions and interruptions equal more time to think with clarity and focus.

3. Automate routine bookkeeping tasks with Checkpoint Edge

Ready to expand your client list or increase the number of services you offer? Tax and accounting professionals know many items can be automatically populated on forms and workflows that can be streamlined. We have done it for you. Checking in with Checkpoint Edge’s on-demand training and webinars will quickly show you how to automate repetitive and mundane tasks. Free up your time to have more to spend reading up on recent industry news and updates in “What’s New”, responding to client requests, and sharing important information that helps position you as an industry leader.

4. Keep your data secure with Checkpoint Edge’s advanced security features

Security is top of mind for many people. What can be more sensitive than data that facilitate goals and defines lives? Checkpoint Edge implements the most advanced security features to ensure your data remains safe and secure. Do you need to share information? Keep it secure by using the Shared Folders feature. Shared Folders can be managed right down to the account level for maximum security and control. Stress less about sending information through unencrypted mailboxes to unsecured servers. Keep important, sensitive, and confidential information safe and sound. Someone’s future depends on it.

5. Manage clients more efficiently with Checkpoint Edge

When clients call, answer their questions with only a few keystrokes. Quickly compare state charts for cross-country affairs, run a quick calculation, execute a reconciliation, or end the call with, “the report is on its way to you now”. Not only will you impress clients with accurate and professional results, but word-of-mouth referrals are sure to follow once clients experience how effortless it is to work with you. Having immediate access to a federal tax research library gets the answers to get those projects completed, the invoices issues, and the accounts receivable fresh.

Take the next step to update your tax research tool

Congratulations on unlocking the potential of automation to benefit your practice. Streamlining daily operations can help conserve time and money, which allows you to focus on providing exceptional client care. Clients will appreciate how quickly you can respond, and staff can be given more autonomy with their roles and responsibilities. Checkpoint Edge combines mundane tasks, such as calculations and reconciliations with powerful search functions that provide access to the right information at the right time.

No more clicking through ads, outdated links, and scrolling through pages and pages of unrelated or general information. For the accountant or tax professional looking to increase productivity and customer satisfaction, Checkpoint Edge offers the perfect solution to boosting efficiency without sacrificing quality and accuracy. This award-winning platform streamlines the process with a straightforward, intuitive interface for users – adding an invaluable edge in the competitive market. Join thousands of others who have made Checkpoint Edge their go-to solution and start taking strides toward greater efficiency today!

Interested in learning more about Checkpoint Edge and other hot topics that impact your practice? Start your Checkpoint Edge free trial today!

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