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How Do I Reset My IRS e-Services Password?

Jordan Kleinsmith  

Jordan Kleinsmith  

As we communicated in a recent blog post, the IRS is now requiring all professional tax software vendors to collect evidence of electronic filing eligibility from their customers, and block them from e-filing in the event that the vendor cannot obtain evidence of eligibility. Specifically, vendors are requesting that firms submit a copy of their IRS e-file Application Summary for their records.

One of the first hurdles facing many tax practitioners—myself included—during this process is remembering their IRS e-Services password, generally because we tend to access the system so infrequently. However, this is slightly more complicated than the average forgotten password process, since it requires waiting for mail from the IRS containing a special account confirmation code. Personally, I found this process to be confusing once the code arrived in the mail.

To help ease this burden on other practitioners attempting the same process, I have worked with some of my colleagues here at Thomson Reuters to produce the following video, which provides an easy-to-follow visual guide on resetting your password for the IRS e-Services portal and regaining access to your e-file Application Summary.

Once you successfully reset your password and access your account via the IRS e-Services portal, you’ll need to generate a copy of your e-file Application Summary to provide to your software vendor.

When the time comes, check out our How Do I Find My EFIN Number and Application Summary video to learn how to find your EFIN number.

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