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California is Making a List (of sales tax scofflaws) and Posting It In Time for X-Mas

Indirect Tax, Sales Tax Calculation December 6, 2010

The California BOE has just updated its list of the biggest sales tax delinquents and posted it on their website. Since 2007 the BOE has been required by law to post this information every quarter, removing amounts that are being addressed through payment arrangement, bankruptcy, litigation, or appeal. In addition to sales taxes, “use taxes” are also included in calculating how much debtors owe.

Some of the delinquencies are quite substantial. The biggest offender owes the state more than $18 million dollars. How did that company rack up such a substantial debt? We may never know, since the phone number attributed to them actually belongs to a completely unrelated party and the state is bound by confidentiality laws.

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