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Checkpoint Learning Global Trade training
for trade professionals
Train who you want, when you want with no travel expense or lost office time

Stay compliant and maximize productivity

Checkpoint Learning Global Trade is the premier subscription-based online training service for global trade professionals. We provide a depth of experience and valuable content at affordable per-student prices. We are constantly adding courses, content, and software improvements to help you become a trade specialist, train your new or existing staff, or teach as a consultant.

Training in global trade isn’t optional. All organizations must know how to keep compliant within a complex regulatory environment.

Employees in every department have the potential to impact compliance. Make it a positive impact. Checkpoint Learning Global Trade will give all of your employees the knowledge they need to avoid making costly errors. Our platform is flexible and easily implemented, and our courses provide advanced, foundational training for your trade staff, as well as awareness training for your entire organization.

Corporations using training consultants, or enrolling staff in seminars, face lost days of productivity as well as high per-student tuition costs and other expenses. With Checkpoint Learning Global Trade, your students and staff will be able to access the courses you assign, at any time and in any location, and finish at the pace you set, with minimal disruption to productivity. Full Admission means you can train as many students as you need in as many courses as you need.

Control your expenses

You can avoid costly seminar and travel budgets.

  Estimated cost of one-day
seminar w/ travel
Checkpoint Learning Global Trade
full admission package
Airline ticket $530 0
Hotel $189 0
Seminar $495 0
Number of students 1 No limit
Max. training time 1 day 1 year
Number of courses
1 50+

Stay current

Corporations that develop their own curricula face the challenge of making sure that their courses stay current. We continually monitor our content to make sure it complies with changing regulations. Our updates are made quickly and uploaded immediately.

Manage your classroom

With Checkpoint Learning Global Trade classroom subscriptions, you have control of your virtual classroom. Assist your staff by monitoring their progress. You will be able to see who might be struggling, know what subjects they are struggling with, check exam results, train multiple departments in multiple locations, and add or remove students as needed.


All courses include exams with certificates awarded upon completion. Our tests don’t merely grade; they teach. Results include commentary for each question with an explanation as to why we chose that answer.

Required credits for industry-recognized accreditations

All of our courses are certified for CCS and/or CES credits. Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) and Certified Export Specialist (CES) points are the industry-recognized accreditations for the global trade community. You need 20 points annually to maintain your status as a Certified Customs Specialist or Certified Export Specialist.

Annual subscription packages

BCP 401 – Full U.S. Admission Package
All US courses. Our premium package includes more than 125 Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) Credits and more than 55 Certified Export Specialist (CES) credits.

BRK 301 – Customs Broker License Exam Preparation
Includes audio guides, textbooks, more than 40 specific lessons, dozens of quizzes and the last 10 customs broker exams with expert commentary explaining the results for each question. Commentary includes analysis of the types of questions that may be protested, further references on the tested topics, and valuable exam strategy and advice.

CLA 401 – Classification Package
Professional online training in classification using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. You will learn to: choose the best classification for your product by navigating intricate classification rules, save money by avoiding penalties, and pay minimum duties by using your knowledge of Free-Trade Acts.

CMP 401 – Import Compliance Package
With increased import and export compliance requirements placed on businesses, global compliance has become a full-time function for many companies. With these courses you will learn how to meet or even exceed regulatory guidelines established by various departments of the government.

EXP 401 – Export Compliance Package
While many opportunities exist for companies to export, all exports from the United States are subject to various regulations issued by several regulatory agencies. These courses will help ensure that your company has an effective export management and control system in place.

PRC 401 – Import Process Package
Assign your staff members to the course that best fit their function within your company. You and your staff will learn basic definitions, processes, and effective methods for coordinating import shipment responsibilities between various departments within your organization.

VAL 401 – Valuation Package
Provides a detailed explanation and study of 19 CFR 152 and 19 U.S.C 1401a, which contain the rules for appraising imported merchandise for the purposes of US Customs & Border Protection (CBP).

EU 401 – EU Trade Fundamentals Package
Covers a wide range of topics that are necessary to understand in order to conduct business and trade with, as well as within, the European Union. Designed for US importers that do business with or have operations in the EU.

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