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Thomson Reuters Announces Inaugural Luca Pacioli Accounting Awards Winners

Terrilyn Brumfield  

· 5 minute read

Terrilyn Brumfield  

· 5 minute read

Thomson Reuters announced winners of the Luca Pacioli Accounting Awards at the annual SYNERGY users’ conference held in Denver, Colo., Nov. 6-9, 2019. With the Luca Awards, Thomson Reuters recognizes the pursuit of innovation within the tax and accounting profession, honoring firms and individuals who combine their technological and accounting expertise to further the profession. 

Winners were selected from the following categories: Firm of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Trailblazing Woman, and Community Peer-Support. 

“This year at SYNERGY, we wanted to invigorate and re-shape our awards to reflect the significant and meaningful impact that professionals and their work make on the tax and accounting profession,” said Charlotte Rushton, president, Tax & Accounting Professionals at Thomson Reuters. “Luca Pacioli was known foinnovation in accounting and proliferating the double-entry method, which has since enabled improved efficiency and profitability for businesses. A focus on innovation is still what the best in our profession do every day, and we’re thrilled to honor them!”   

The winners in each category are:  

Firm of the Year: 

Marin & Montanye LLP – While many are intimidated by automation, this winning firm embraced its use to provide scale to their services and create a better environment for their employees. They maintained a focus on continuous improvement which includes their recent implementation of Thomson Reuters AdvanceFlow. Their dedication to the success of both their clients and team members resulted in an impressive 15% growth in satisfaction of their client base over the past year as well as increased team satisfaction. 

Rookie of the Year:  

Jannisse Hull CPAs – This winning firm joined Thomson Reuters after several instances of dissatisfaction with competing solutions. The firm has grown its business in the last year, and with the help of Thomson Reuters solutions, they were also able to develop new efficiencies to support this growth and to recognize significant cost savings and increase profitability.  By embracing change and facing their challenges head-on, they identified significant opportunities to create workflow efficiencies, increased agility and organization, as well as staff satisfaction. 

Trailblazing Woman:  

Ying Sa, Community CPA – This trailblazing woman has received countless awards and recognitions for her contributions to our industry, her service to her community, and her entrepreneurial spirit. She has a long track record of using her experiences, skills and expertise to be a trusted advisor to corporations, small businesses, non-profits and individuals alike to help them succeed. 

Community Peer-Support:  

Roxann Mayo, TCS & Associates CPAs – The Community Peer-Support award winner was chosen by her fellow Thomson Reuters community members for her contributions to the community and generosity in sharing her knowledge and expertise with members of the community. She provided insights that go beyond simple how-to’s, giving useful tips on how to work with clients and use Thomson Reuters tools to their best advantage in real client predicaments.  

The Luca Pacioli Accounting Awards, formerly known as the Customer Superstar Awards, are named in honor of Luca Pacioli – known as the “father of accounting” – and his contributions to the profession. Pacioli was a monk, magician, and lover of numbers. He was also a domain expert who recognized the opportunity to harness new technologies. 

Thanks to the newly invented printing press, Pacioli’s book, Summa de arithmetica, was mass produced in 1494, and his ideas spread widely. The book set the precedent for the modern accounting system used today, introducing the concepts of ledgers, journals, and bookkeeping. Winners of the Luca Pacioli Accounting Awards embody Pacioli’s spirit of invention and innovation and demonstrate a mastery of accounting and technology. 

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SYNERGY is Thomson Reuters users’ conference for tax and accounting professionals. The 2019 annual users conference will take place Nov. 6-9 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Denver, Colo. Participants share expertise, network with peers, and gain practical knowledge, while spending four days earning CPE credit. Attendees benefit from hands-on training, learning about technology updates, and being inspired by nationally recognized accounting, technology, and motivational experts. 

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