Data Management for ONESOURCE Tax Provision

Collect, utilize and report every piece of data efficiently

How well does your tax department manage increasing amounts of data coming into and out of your provision process? With ONESOURCE Data Management solutions for ONESOURCE Tax Provision, you can streamline the way you collect, utilize and report on data within the tax provision process. Improved data management will save time, improve consistency and provide valuable insights that can help with analysis.
Data Management

Maximize your data’s potential

Do you hear that? That’s data moving in harmony within your tax process. It’s the sound that satisfied clients hear when they use ONESOURCE Data Management for Tax Provision. We offer a variety of solutions to help you collect, utilize and report your data.

Regardless of where you do business, global corporations share a common challenge: collecting data from offices across the globe. ONESOURCE offers a number of methods for efficiently collecting, tracking and reconciling large volumes of provision-sensitive data from colleagues around the globe.

Tax Data Manager* – Manually captures and moves the correct data from multiple general ledgers and other sources. The system accommodates multiple accounting standards and provides validation at the beginning of the tax provision cycle that improves the process throughout.

DataFlow* – Seamlessly integrate data from web-based spreadsheets into your tax environment to update the data you need quickly and accurately. The intuitive software allows you to easily drag and drop key data points directly into ONESOURCE Tax Provision. Be sure you have the right data underlying your analysis.

Global Access – Consolidate data from tax and non-tax colleagues across the globe using an intuitive web interface. Data is collected in real time, from multiple languages, currencies and exchange rates, and does not require the submitter to have any tax knowledge to provide accurate information.

Once you have your tax sensitized data, get maximum usage from it. ONESOURCE Data Management for Tax Provision offers solutions to move your data through the tax process.

Active Workpapers – Integrate your Excel workpapers or other tax packages into your provision, while embedding custom calculations such as depreciation or foreign tax credits. Get full support of data and controls and audit trails without changing your current process or tax accounting workpapers.

Trial Balance Bridge – Process and store trial balance data feeds, and maintain audit trails with data source history details and bridge archive reports.

Have the data you need, when you need it. ONESOURCE Data Management provides easy access to the specific data you need for big-picture planning or audit support.

Data Query* – Move data and analysis findings from isolated silos and put them to use. Data is pulled directly from your provision to support your strategic analysis and planning. Reports self-reconcile as data points change, and explain and support the provision calculation.

*Solution also integrates with ONESOURCE Income Tax

Features and benefits

Optimize your provision process with the wide range of solutions offered by Data Management from ONESOURCE Tax Provision. You will:

  • Streamline time-consuming manual data process through automation.
  • Help collect and standardize data from disparate sources around the globe.
  • Speed up accrual process and shorten your close time by making adjustments more auditable.
  • Be able to pull the most useful data across return and provision with enhanced reporting and planning features.

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