Uncertain Tax Positions module
Analyze and report on open positions under ASC 740-10 (formerly FIN 48)

Why choose Uncertain Tax Positions module

Changing IRS requirements are putting pressure on businesses to report on their uncertain tax positions. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions module (formerly TaxStream FIN 48) gives you the tools to analyze and report tax treatment of open positions under ASC 740-10-50 and IAS 37. Use this flexible, web-based software, which integrates with ONESOURCE Tax Provision, to give more complete descriptions of the issues related to your tax uncertainties, while managing your tax reserves effectively. Keep an organized inventory of all your positions, calculate tax and interest for each one, and report on them with a full audit trail — all while getting the information you need to make decisions about what to disclose.

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What you get with our tax reserves management

Reduce risk

Manage your uncertain tax positions more effectively so you can more accurately report to the IRS and other auditors.

Save time

No need to manually update interest and tax calculations — the software does it for you as your inventory of positions changes.

Maintain control

Track domestic, state, foreign, and other uncertain positions over time with all relevant documentation.

Watch Uncertain Tax Positions in action

Leveraging technology to navigate UTP changes

Find out how ONESOURCE can help transform your Uncertain Tax Positions processes.

ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions Product Video

Uncertain Tax Positions at Electronic Arts

Learn how Electronic Arts uses ONESOURCE Uncertain Tax Positions.

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