Manage multiple workpaper scenarios effectively from within the ONESOURCE platform 

Why choose Workpapers

Keeping track of an ever-changing regulatory tax landscape is an all too familiar burden for businesses. Frequent change requires corporations to have technology in place to collect, store, and quickly report data without risking loss of data. Data management also needs to be more efficient than ever to effectively implement the changes from constant tax reform.

ONESOURCE Workpapers is advanced workpaper technology for the Direct Tax suite. The module empowers users to pull or push data from any on-boarded ONESOURCE applications. Build ad-hoc calculations, summary schedules, and data comparisons – all within the familiar environment of Microsoft® Excel.

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What you get with ONESOURCE Workpapers

Drive efficiency

Save time with a simple process using just one tool to push and pull information from multiple applications.

Clever integration

Centralize all workpapers so you can use the same data across your entire direct tax process.

Reduce risk

Create data controls and audit trails around existing spreadsheets.

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Get everything you need to automate and streamline your corporate income tax process, from planning and provisioning to filing and reporting.

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