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Take the Complexity out of 1099 Reporting

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Tracking down contractors, vendors, clients and payees each year, making sure they are who they say they are and confirming where to find them is a complex job. Let ONESOURCE simplify the process with unique tools and our automated solution for 1099s, Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) and B-Notices, and 1042s.

Simplify your 1099 reporting compliance process

With over 20 years of experience, our Tax Information Reporting software and services offer corporations a complete US federal and state solution, as well as a Canadian solution, which includes TIN Compliance, withholding management and industry training.

The 1099 tax form software is Web-based and easily accessible from wherever you work. You can import commissions, interest and dividend payments, claims, vendors and employee benefits from multiple sources. You’ll have one centralized place to maintain TIN information and track B-Notices and other notices. Forms are prepared for you, on time and with a high level of accuracy.

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ACA Season in Review and Next Steps Cover
Guidance on wrapping up your first year of ACA filing and planning for 2016 Cover

Tips and Tricks to Keep you Compliant in 2017

December 15, 2016

As we’ve seen, the tax information reporting (1099) environment is ever-changing. Moving into filing season we want you to know Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ has you covered. 

Download our complimentary webinar and learn about items such as statement messaging and regulatory changes in state reporting.  You will also find out what’s new and how our solution can meet those needs.  Finally, be the first to learn about security changes from the IRS.

Stay One-Step Ahead: Learn What’s Next in ACA Reporting

October 20, 2016

As you move into the 2016 tax year, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ has you covered.  We offer comprehensive tax information reporting (1099) and ACA reporting and compliance solutions to keep you one-step ahead so you can ensure your company’s good health.

Download our complimentary webinar and learn about 2016 IRS form changes.  You will also gain insight on accelerated filing requirements in 2017 as well as tagline

The answer to 1099 tax information reporting

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting takes the complexity out of 1099 reporting. For tax decision makers around the world who file in either large or small volumes and need a secure, accurate and robust solution, there’s a better way.


Canadian (CRA) Tax Compliance Reporting & Tax Forms

US Federal & State Tax Filing

ONESOURCE software and services act as a comprehensive solution for all US Federal and State Tax Information Reporting. View our Federal & State Tax software

Canadian (CRA) Tax Compliance Reporting & Tax Forms

Canadian (CRA) Tax Compliance Reporting & Tax Forms

ONESOURCE supports all steps in the filing process for CRA slips with powerful Canadian tax software. View our Canadian Tax Reporting software

TIN  Compliance & eStatement Services

TIN Compliance & eStatement Services

As a robust partner to our software, ONESOURCE offers both TIN Compliance and eStatement/eConsent services to decrease manual efforts and reduce the risk of B-Notices, errors and penalties. Find out more about our TIN Compliance & eStatement Services

W-8/W-9 Tax Form Reporting

W-8/W-9 Tax Form Reporting

From identification to filing, ONESOURCE automates the collection and validation of information, tracks all steps in the process and reports it in accordance with strict IRS requirements. Learn more about our W-8/W-9 Software Solutions

Tax Withholding Management

Tax Withholding Management

The software and services of ONESOURCE Withholding Management take away the burden of tracking liability deposit due dates. View our Tax Withholding software