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Free Trade Agreement Management
FTA software that identifies opportunities to qualify goods under FTA specific rules

Why choose Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Management

Unexpected customs duties can hit your global supply chain costs hard. So we've designed our FTA software, ONESOURCE Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Management, to help you take advantage of FTAs by identifying opportunities to qualify goods under FTA-specific rules of origin. Streamline logistical processes and cut down manual work, so you can comply with FTA guidelines and reduce or eliminate duties. Our FTA software's unique architecture can accommodate any existing, changing, or future free trade agreements, including NAFTA, CFTA, SFTA, AFTA, ILFTA, JFTA, UKFTA, CAFTA, and TAFTA.

What you get with our FTA software

Data analysis

Use your data to find the best FTA utilization strategies in cases of overlapping agreements and supply chain location decisions.

Global trade content

Apply the latest rules of origin for current and future FTAs.

Document retention

Support FTA compliance monitoring by using our system-based document retention for easier verification.

FTA compliance monitoring

​Get real-time reporting for FTA compliance, including warnings where origin thresholds may be breached.

Supplier portal

Manage suppliers and FTA certification and validate thresholds online.

Watch Global Trade for Free Trade Agreements in action

How to make the most of Free Trade Agreements


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