Secure Web APIs add-on
Let your clients and support staff access and update 1099 and related forms online

Why choose Secure Web APIs

To meet increased federal and state focus on tax information reporting, you need faster, more accurate, and more efficient data collection processes. Thomson Reuters has the answer with the Secure Web APIs add-on for ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting. More corporations, banks, and billing companies offer convenient online options as a way of going green and saving money. Providing 1099 forms to your clients online gives them immediate access to their tax data and saves you time and money by reducing printing and postage costs. We offer three levels of support to meet the unique needs of your organization.

What you get with our secure web APIs

Level 1: Recipient Support

With Recipient Support, your clients can access tax forms through eStatement simply by logging onto your website.

Level 2: Client Support

With Client Support, you get the benefits of Recipient support plus the ability for both recipients and client support personnel to update information in the database.

Level 3: Recipient Interactive

With Recipient Interactive, you get Recipient Support and Client Support, plus electronic consent functionality and W-8/W-9 data entry.

Identify tax reporting activities for each month and stay one step ahead with our 2019 Tax Information Reporting (1099) Calendar.

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