Denied-party screening software

Reduce the risk of global trade sanctions with ONESOURCE Denied Party Screening (DPS) 

Securely conduct global business transactions by automatically screening customers, suppliers, and partners against 750+ global denied-party lists

Screen automatically using ONESOURCE Denied Party Screening to mitigate supply chain risk

Efficiently maintain import and export compliance

DPS is integrated with export management, so when there is a block on denied party screening, the transaction is automatically blocked.

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750+ global lists monitored regularly

Stay up to date with a content validation process that frequently corresponds with government agencies in addressing issues in regulatory information.

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Customize screening to the needs of your company

Choose the lists you screen against and set a custom-match score according to company risk parameters.

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Protect the company's reputation

Protect the company's interests while reducing time with automated restricted-party screening. Use clear definitions built specifically to meet today’s stringent compliance requirements and data privacy legislation.

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Companies conducting transactions with denied parties may face sanctions, including costly fines and damage to the company’s reputation

Make it simpler to comply with legal requirements

Easily incorporate screening results that meet due diligence best practices of the U.S. Departments of State and Commerce and other global agencies’ expectations.

Enhance security in transactions with customers and suppliers

Ensure protections in the import and export compliance process by vetting your supply chain partners against 750+ global lists for restricted persons, companies, and embargoed countries.

Rely on the world’s best global trade content to mitigate risk 

Prevent false positives in screening with records that contain over 30 elements — such as name, age, date of birth, locations, citizenships, etc. — saving time and reducing risk.

Maintain compliance and mitigate risk using ONESOURCE Denied Party Screening

"If we had not structured our denied and restricted party screening input processes and batch processes using ONESOURCE DPS, we would not have been in position to expand our compliance program even more and bring in more and now newly relevant trading partnerships."

Thomas Behr
Director of Global Trade Development, JM Huber

Screen for politically exposed persons (PEPs) and adverse media 

Analyze data for risk through specific factors like gender, original script name, identity number, place of birth, or date of birth.

Leverage multiple screening methods during the import and export compliance process 

 Take advantage of different methods of screening exports: certified connectors to ERPs, API, ad hoc, batch, and screening incorporated with our import and export management solutions.

Uncover hard-to-find information with Sanctions Ownership Research from Dow Jones Risk & Compliance 

Dow Jones’ team of content strategists, researchers, and data scientists discover elusive data to augment and structure risk profiles.