US Federal & State Tax Filing Federal State tax software that improves your reporting

Whether tax information reporting is central to your business or a back-office function, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has the software and services you need to help comply with regulations, reduce costs and improve productivity.

US Federal Tax software that helps you stay ahead

ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting helps improve response time and reduce compliance errors and penalties with the ability to track withholdings, B-notices, penalty notices as well as W-9 forms without using the B-notice system.

Our automated system helps you report, maintain and find TIN information in less time and more accurately. ONESOURCE federal tax filing software offers a B-notice database covering the current year and tracking for three previous years of notices, in compliance with IRS regulations. Save time on research and have the backup at hand to justify penalty abatements.

Our ability to electronically file to the IRS Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) system helps you easily file a wide variety of US federal forms annually, quarterly, or periodically.

Simplify your tax filing process with US State & Puerto Rico tax software

How states handle tax information reporting is all over the map. Many states have made e-filing mandatory, or required after a certain threshold is reached. Some states have eliminated Form 1099 filing to the state, and instead are sharing IRS data. Even extensions require an additional level of oversight in some states.

There’s a lot to keep up with. Let us help you stay compliant in the face of ever-changing regulations throughout the 50 states and Puerto Rico. ONESOURCE gives you the expertise, information and tools to handle state reporting—from California to Maine and everywhere in between.

ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting produces the appropriate filing media for the following states:

Alabama Michigan   Alaska
Arizona Minnesota   Florida
Arkansas Mississippi   Illinois
California Missouri   Iowa
Colorado Montana   Kentucky
Delaware Nebraska   Nevada
District of Columbia New Jersey   New Hampshire
Georgia New Mexico   New York
Hawaii North Carolina   Oklahoma
Idaho North Dakota   Oregon
Indiana Ohio   Pennsylvania
Kansas South Carolina   Rhode Island
Louisiana Utah   South Dakota
Maine Vermont   Tennessee
Maryland Virginia   Texas
Massachusetts Wisconsin   Washington