Tax Withholding Management
Federal and state tax withholding software for forms 941, 945, and 1042

Why choose Tax Withholding Management

Your company counts on you to withhold the right amount of taxes from employees’ wages — and to make sure those taxes are paid on schedule. What if you could handle this job in less time, with more accuracy? The Tax Withholding Management add-on feature of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting helps you track liability deposit due dates for multiple jurisdictions, reconcile liability and deposit information, and determine remittances. You can track withholding data for tax Forms 941 (W-2 tax withheld), 945 (1099 tax withheld), and 1042 (federal tax withheld) — so you don’t have to worry about penalties for overpaying, underpaying, or missing a payment.

Identify tax reporting activities for each month and stay one step ahead with our 2019 Tax Information Reporting (1099) Calendar.

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