TIN Compliance
Automated software solution for your B-Notice handling and processing

Why choose TIN Compliance

TIN compliance can eat up a lot of your team’s time and energy, and it’s easy to miss errors in payees’ records. With the optional TIN compliance add-on, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Tax Information Reporting software automates B-Notice handling and processing, saving time and helping you stay compliant no matter how many payees you manage. Create a separate B-Notice record for each unique combination of TIN, name, tax year, and payer. Automatically generate return deadline dates, first and second B-Notices, and any substitute W-9 forms. Plus, you can compare your information to what is in the IRS payee record, which helps cut down on B-Notice errors.

What you get with our TIN compliance software

Flexible data entry

Enter B-Notices manually or import the information using CP2100/B-Notice CD from the IRS.

Compliant records

Keep B-Notices on file for the current year plus three previous years, according to IRS rules.

Fewer penalties

Match 972CG penalty notices to TIN history and B-Notice data, to help you abate fines whenever possible.

Identify tax reporting activities for each month and stay one step ahead with our 2019 Tax Information Reporting (1099) Calendar.

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