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Integrating tax technology for success: Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE solutions certified as SAP Endorsed Apps

· 5 minute read

· 5 minute read

Managing tax compliance is challenging enough with changing global regulations and tight staff limitations. Combine those challenges with manual data entry and disparate systems, and it becomes an inefficient quagmire of time-consuming, tedious tasks.

The problem with ad hoc tax compliance workflows

Companies are trying to address these challenges with technology, but too often, they’re not creating the desired efficiencies. When corporate tax departments attempt to streamline by attaching programs from various vendors in an ad hoc fashion to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) program, the results can be chaotic.

Workflows are fragmented and isolated; the systems don’t communicate with each other, they’re not seamless or efficient to use, and they don’t provide transparency for accuracy or confident decision-making. This approach can also leave security gaps.

In other words, it’s not streamlined at all.

That’s why more than half of respondents in the 2024 Corporate Tax Department Technology Report categorized their organization’s technological maturity as still being chaotic or reactive.

Fortunately, Thomson Reuters has the solution: Our ONESOURCE suite integrates with SAP to streamline tax compliance. For more than two decades, Thomson Reuters and SAP have partnered to bring business solutions that solve critical challenges to professionals.

Building on this trusted core, Thomson Reuters has gone a step further: three ONESOURCE products have achieved SAP Endorsed App status, which is SAP’s premium level of certification. This designation denotes more security and less risk for your business.

Why does SAP certification matter?

Premium-level certification identifies apps that help customers become well-run, intelligent enterprises. SAP Endorsed Apps deliver proven value with desired outcomes quickly, effectively, and confidently.

This means you can take comfort in knowing that Thomson Reuters has done everything to ensure ONESOURCE sits nicely within SAP. When you use these ONESOURCE programs in combination with SAP, you get an integrated, secure ecosystem that propels productivity, not headaches.

Which ONESOURCE products are SAP Endorsed Apps?

The following three ONESOURCE programs have this premium-level certification:

    1. Indirect Tax Integration for S/4HANA Cloud—Public Edition (U.S.): The industry standard for real-time end-to-end tax management for U.S. sales and use taxes and excise taxes, as well as exemption management. Excise tax is not included in premium certification evaluations by SAP.
    2. Indirect Tax Integration for SAP ERP and S/4HANA—Private Edition (US/CA): The industry standard for real-time end-to-end tax management for U.S. and Canadian sales and use tax, GST, excise tax, as well as exemption management. Excise tax is not included in premium certification evaluations by SAP.
    3. Tax Provision for SAP S/4HANA Cloud (U.S.): This integration makes provision journal entries available for SAP S/4HANA using SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), increasing accuracy, lowering risk, and speeding the financial close.

What is the process for premium-level certification?

SAP Endorsed Apps is an invitation-only program through which SAP identifies the top-rated partners and apps that have been proven to deliver outstanding value to customers. Once a partner has been invited to participate, their solution undergoes a series of stringent tests conducted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC), during which code is analyzed and custom recommendations for enhancing and optimizing the solution are provided. This series of tests consists of three main requirements:

    1. Integration certification tests
    2. A cloud quality check
    3. A static security code scan

A solution certified to a premium level by SAP ICC provides customers with value-added functionality and smooth integration while safeguarding their existing investments.

Thomson Reuters: Best-in-class

By actively participating in the open-tech ecosystem, Thomson Reuters is able to provide customers with the solutions they need, delivering scalable automated tax determination, better management of tax liability and planning with real-time tax decisions, and overall increased efficiency.

Thomson Reuters has achieved multiple certifications and awards for its developed and co-developed integrations. With three ONESOURCE solutions now SAP Endorsed Apps, it’s a provider with premium certification across both indirect tax and direct tax solutions, so customers can be confident they have the right software to run and support their intelligent enterprises.

This reinforces that when it comes to integration and enhancing tax processes, Thomson Reuters offers best-in-class integration with SAP.

You can quickly find SAP-endorsed partner apps that you can trust on the SAP App Center. This will allow you to take advantage of complete, proven solutions with the most innovative technology.

Learn more about Thomson Reuters indirect tax integrations for SAP.

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