ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integrations for SAP SAP Certified solutions that solve global tax challenges and maintain clean core

Why choose ONESOURCE Indirect Tax for SAP

Gaps in your company’s indirect tax capabilities can cause costly custom fixes and manual workarounds. So, isn’t it time to rethink how you calculate transaction taxes in SAP? Even the most powerful ERP systems can’t handle the complexity of transaction tax compliance — which leaves your staff to fill in the gaps. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax integrations work seamlessly with SAP to deliver scalable, reliable, and automated tax calculation. Stay on top of constantly changing rates and rules that determine a company's liability for Sales, Use, VAT, GST, and Excise taxes regardless of  transaction volume or geographic reach.

Fully Compatible with SAP

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax integrations for SAP are 100% compatible with, and co-developed by, SAP. Security and stability of the core is important and maximizing its health and cleanliness is a benefit of integrating ONESOURCE with SAP. Some of our indirect tax integrations premium certified SAP Endorsed Apps: 

  • ONESOURCE Indirect Tax for SAP S/4HANA Public Edition (US)
  • ONESOURCE Indirect Tax for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA Private Edition (US/CA)

What you get with our integration

Accurate tax calculations

Intelligently applies the correct tax treatment for all types of transactions

Industry Optimization

Product categories, rules, and rates for the goods and services your business provides and uses

Complex tax support

Powered by trusted global tax research that is SSAE 18 and ISAE 3402 compliant, even for the most complex tax regimes

Cloud Native Technology

Truly cloud solution with auto-scaling, self-healing, and zero downtime for system enhancements or updates

Certified Integration

No middleware needed, with advance and detailed integration logging in SAP. Most integrations are certified or endorsed by SAP

Reduced System Maintenance

Up to 90% less user-exit coding with dynamic field mapping capabilities

Centralized, compatible tax management

Get the most out of native SAP VAT reports and other processes with one system for all calculation and reporting

Premier solution for businesses

End-to-end solution with flexible deployment options that handle the most complex taxable scenarios

Get tax right in SAP S/4HANA

Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in implementing SAP tax automation, ONESOURCE Determination intelligently delivers billions of real-time tax decisions integrated with your S/4HANA Cloud system. 

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Now that we’ve completed what we call our global solution design, our transaction-tax processes are extremely well defined

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