Data Management Harmonize your data

Data Management

Collect. Utilize. Report.

Success in business comes with great responsibility. You collect data, information and details that become yours to manage, utilize and safeguard. How you manage your data and how it works for you is a big factor in continued growth. You’ll be amazed at how data flows through our system, bringing harmony to your tax and accounting process.

Data on the move

A world-class tax organization requires an automated data management solution. In this era of increased efficiency, you don’t have to spend time pulling data from one source to place it in another.

Your tax data flows to all the applications in ONESOURCE without the complications involved in manual input. The result is more accurate data and more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Your system should be optimized to recognize tax-sensitized data, make the most of what you already have and guide the way to future growth. Jump start your information and gain strategic advantage with Data Management solutions from ONESOURCE.

Explore our Data Management Solutions

General Ledger Manager

Harmonize and consolidate trial balance data, and keep it up to date even as book numbers continue to change. Learn more.


ONESOURCE DataFlow eliminates the need for manual consolidation, making data available for global retrieval, consolidation, and reporting directly from Excel. From workpapers to your tax packages to 199 calculation and information requests, ONESOURCE DataFlow helps standardize, organize and optimize your data at every step. Learn more.

Global Access

The Global Access module of ONESOURCE Tax Provision consolidates data from tax and non-tax colleagues across the globe using an intuitive web interface. Data is collected in real time, from multiple languages, currencies and exchange rates, and does not require the submitter to have any tax knowledge to provide accurate information. Learn more.

Tax Data Manager

What if your general ledgers all communicated with each other? We integrate systems from a variety of sources and deliver harmonized tax data that can be used in reporting most anywhere around the globe.

Data Query

Data Query enables quick and easy access to data for customized reporting purposes. When your data is making connections, you can put it to work for you. Learn more.