Neo.Tax R&D Credit Manager

ONESOURCE and Neo.Tax modernize the R&D tax credit process

Uncover hidden qualified research and development tax credits and file faster

Experience a streamlined end-to-end research and development (R&D) tax credit process using ONESOURCE integration with Neo.Tax R&D Credit Manager

Precision and efficiency are non-negotiable when calculating R&D credits. Neo.Tax’s state-of-the-art software solution leverages AI to automate the identification, validation, and support of qualified research expenses across distributed, and often hidden sources of data. With API integrations, navigating diverse data becomes effortless.

Say goodbye to manual tax filing efforts, welcome fortified audit defense, precise results, and substantial time savings by using ONESOURCE integrated with Neo.Tax. Let the Neo.Tax intuitive interface, paired with advanced AI take the complexity out of determining and filing qualified R&D credits.

Neo.Tax features

Gather data faster

Uncover and identify elusive R&D costs and find credits across various internal systems and projects with AI enablement, saving 150+ hours.

Automate R&D calculations

Report employee R&D efforts in minutes - cutting 100’s of hours of manual process time.

Generate R&D studies quickly

Save time and fees associated with generating robust R&D studies, retaining $100-500k dollars.

Fortify tax audit defense

Substantiate reports using contemporary data from credible sources to meet IRS guidelines and compliance standards, with average 10% credit retention rate.

*Results based on Thomson Reuters and Neo.Tax customer feedback and analysis.


Seamlessly integrate with your vendor systems

Integrations with third-party systems ONESOURCE with Neo.Tax R&D Credit Manager seamlessly integrates with other third-party systems for payroll, project management, accounting, and ERP. By ingesting a company’s task-level data first, Neo.Tax does all the hard work of organizing the data into a digestible and compliant, tax-ready format.

What about teams that don’t use a ticketing system?

No problem! Projects and allocations can be manually updated in Neo.Tax. There are instances where people who worked on R&D aren’t captured in the R&D tracking and planning data, in these cases the data can be included manually.

Claiming the R&D credit is easy with Neo.Tax

R&D Credits improved the workflow at Neo.Tax

Neo.Tax provides everything needed to claim the R&D tax credit:

  • Tax Filing Instructions – Step-by-step guidance to accurately claim the credit.
  • Form 6765 – Seamlessly file through a direct ONESOURCE Income Tax integration.
  • R&D Tax Credit Study – Rigorous and robust defense of research and development expense credits in case of tax audit.
  • Section 174 Assistance - Tools to comply with R&D capitalization and track tax assets going forward.

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