EBIA Weekly Newsletter

CMS Announces Intention to Eliminate FF-SHOP’s Enrollment Function for 2018

   June 1, 2017

CMS, The Future of the SHOP: CMS Intends to Allow Small Businesses in SHOPs Using HealthCare.gov More Flexibility when Enrolling in Healthcare Coverage (May 15, 2017) Available at https://www.cms.gov/CCIIO/Resources/Regulations-and-Guidance/Downloads/The-Future-of-the-SHOP-CMS-Intends-to-Allow-Small-Businesses-in-SHOPs-Using-HealthCaregov-More-Flexibility-when-Enrolling-in-Healthcare-Coverage.pdf CMS has announced its intention to issue proposed regulations that would change the enrollment process for small employers purchasing plans through the … Read More

What Documentation Should We Require to Demonstrate Eligibility for Domestic Partner Benefits?

   June 1, 2017

QUESTION: Our company offers coverage for domestic partners under our self-insured group health plan. What documentation should we require employees to provide to demonstrate eligibility for coverage? ANSWER: As the sponsor of a self-insured plan, your company is generally free to define the term “domestic partner” as it chooses and to determine what documentation will … Read More

EBIA Has the Compliance Resources You’re Looking For

   May 25, 2017

Whether you are following the latest developments or need a resource for the ongoing compliance questions that come across your desk, EBIA has what you need. Here are some highlights of what we’ve added lately to our COBRA and Consumer-Driven Health Care publications: COBRA. We have updated our discussion of the … Read More