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Orbitax International Tax Platform

Fully integrated application suite for recurring tax department workflows

Why choose Orbitax International Tax Platform?

The globalization and digitization of business has given rise to frequently changing tax rules and regulations, and these changes will only increase in frequency and in scope. Global businesses, particularly those located in the United States, must provide their tax departments with the tools to keep up with this complexity.

Benefits of the Orbitax International Tax Platform (ITP):

  • Native cloud application made up of a series of fully integrated solutions and tools that target typical recurring tax department workflows.
  • Powered by a global tax rules engine, ITP provides in-depth coverage of the tax rules and tax rates of 195 countries.
  • The engine is updated on a daily basis, tied to an MNE’s global footprint, and delivered to all stakeholders.

What you get with Orbitax International Tax Platform

Entity Tracker and Designer

Track an MNE’s global footprint, including entities and cross border transactions

International Tax Research and Compliance Expert

Comprehensive analysis of tax regimes with embedded tools to put your research into action

Due Date Tracker

Automatic due date obligation tracker for all your filing needs, tied directly to your global footprint

WHT Implementer

End-to-End Solution for determining and completing the required forms for cross-border transactions

Change Reports Tracker

Worldwide tax law change tracker for 195 countries and jurisdictions with custom alerts

Excel Add-Ins

Pull calculations, rates, and entity data directly into Microsoft® Excel

How the Orbitax International Tax Platform works

A fully integrated series of software solutions focusing on multiple tax workflows for multinational entities.


How the Orbitax ITP ensures global tax compliance 

  1. 1

    Tracks law changes on a daily basis and ties the law changes to the MNE footprint that is maintained inside ITP.

  2. 2

    Sends out quarterly customized reports of entity data and entity charts to stakeholders who update the MNE's footprint inside ITP.

  3. 3

    All changes in both tax laws and MNE footprint are automatically updated.

  4. 4

    Any new filing obligation like a HK CbC notification as a result of both a new HK entity being created and new CbC laws being implemented in HK are automatically created and assigned to stakeholders including sending out timely notifications and reminders.

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