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Checkpoint Engage PCR
The next generation of preparation, compilation, and review engagement software

Why choose Checkpoint Engage PCR


Using this preparation, compilation, and review (PCR) engagement software, you can empower staff with access to a guided workflow backed by expert commentary and automated engagement letters.

  • Build templates in accordance with firm protocol leveraging broad industry-specific content written by subject matter experts
  • Apply the same consistent documentation and process to all of your PCR engagements
  • Enhance your engagement experience with seamless integration to AdvanceFlow and the only true confirmation service
  • Ensure compliance on all of your SSARS, SAS, and PCAOB PCR engagements

Your trusted global technology and innovation partner with a proven worldwide robust application ecosystem.

Realize immediate improved efficiency with our preparation, compilation, and review engagement software

Real time collaboration

Work on engagements simultaneously from any location without version-control worries

Tailored engagement forms

Customize forms based on your responses to questions about each clients’ circumstances

Dynamic progress tracking

Pick up where you left off and find uncompleted steps with dynamic progress tracking

Disclosure checklists

Reduce completion time with numerous sample disclosures that include relevant requirements

Alerts and diagnostics

Quickly find unresolved issues and have peace of mind that nothing’s been missed

Automatic roll forward

Save time with updated forms for the next period with new questions or requirements flagged


Winner: 2020 Bronze Stevie®  Award 
Cloud Application/Service

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