EBIA Weekly Newsletter

EEOC Proposes Schedule for Court-Ordered Review of Wellness Regulations

   October 5, 2017

AARP v. EEOC, 2017 WL 3614430 (D.D.C. 2017) (Docket: Defendant’s Status Report (Sept. 21, 2017); AARP’s Reply (Sept. 28, 2017)) In response to a federal court order, the EEOC has proposed a schedule for the review of its final wellness regulations. In August, the court concluded that the regulations are arbitrary and capricious and sent … Read More

Legislation Provides Retirement Plan Distribution and Loan Relief for Hurricane Victims; Agencies Continue Releasing Disaster-Related Relief

   October 5, 2017

Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017, Pub. L. No. 115-63 (Sept. 29, 2017); VI-2017-02 (Sept. 22, 2017); PR-2017-02 (Sept. 22, 2017); IR-2017-160 (Sept. 26, 2017); FL-2017-06 (Sept. 28, 2017); HHS Memorandum: 2017 Hurricane Disasters–Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs), Termination of Coverage, and Grace Period Flexibilities (Sept. 28, 2017); HHS News Release: … Read More

Can HSA Contributions Continue After an Employee Ceases to Be HSA-Eligible?

   October 5, 2017

QUESTION: Our cafeteria plan allows employees who participate in our high-deductible health plan (HDHP) to make pre-tax health savings account (HSA) contributions. When an employee drops our HDHP coverage, HSA contributions are immediately discontinued. Is that necessary? Could we amend our plan to let employees continue contributing through the end of the year, whether or … Read More

Get Your Answers in the EBIA Compliance Library

   September 28, 2017

Let us be your partner in employee benefit compliance! The EBIA Compliance Library covers a broad spectrum of employee benefit topics, giving you access to the latest developments, detailed analysis, practical tips, tools, and sample documents. Here are highlights of recent updates in our Self-Insured Health Plans and Health Care Reform publications. Read More