EBIA Weekly Newsletter

Appellate Court Agrees That Expenses for In Vitro Fertilization Process Involving Unrelated Egg Donor and Surrogate Were Not for Medical Care

   November 2, 2017

Morrissey v. United States, 871 F.3d 1260, 120 AFTR 2d 2017-5852 (11th Cir. 2017) Available at http://media.ca11.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/files/201710685.pdf The taxpayer in this case claimed a medical care expense deduction on his federal tax return for the costs of in vitro fertilization (IVF) involving an egg donor and a gestational surrogate who were … Read More

How Do USERRA’s Health Plan Continuation and Reinstatement Provisions Apply to Health FSAs?

   November 2, 2017

QUESTION: We offer a health FSA under our cafeteria plan and have employees who may take USERRA leaves of absence for periods of uniformed service. Do USERRA’s health plan continuation and reinstatement provisions apply to health FSAs? ANSWER: USERRA’s continuation and reinstatement rights for employees absent from work for service in the uniformed services apply … Read More

Compliance at Your Fingertips: EBIA’s Benefits Compliance Library 

   October 26, 2017

If you work with employee benefits, you know how quickly things have been changing and how challenging compliance can be. EBIA’s Benefits Compliance Library keeps you up-to-date on the legal requirements, with practical tips, checklists, and sample documents that make your job easier. Here are some of the most recent enhancements you’ll find in our … Read More