Thomson Reuters Consulting Program

What is the Thomson Reuters Consulting Program?

The Thomson Reuters Consulting Program is a go-to-market enablement and training program for accounting and consulting firms. Your program badge provides customers the confidence that their implementation needs are being met by experienced, certified professionals.

Thomson Reuters Consulting Program Certified Firms

All firms meet the same high quality standards required to participate in the program. The tiers in the Thomson Reuters Consulting Program reflect the volume and scale of ONESOURCE implementation activity.

Global Premier tier

The Global Premier tier includes global, enterprise-wide firms that are certified across the complete ONESOURCE product suite and lead the highest volume of ONESOURCE implementations.

Elite tier

The Elite tier includes global, strategically focused firms certified across at least one ONESOURCE product suite and leading a high volume of ONESOURCE implementations.

Select tier

The Select tier includes firms certified to implement at least one ONESOURCE product suite.

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