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Stay on top of fast-breaking developments with National Accounts Tax Weekly Newsletter Summary

National Accounts Tax Weekly Newsletter Summary lets you stay on top of fast-breaking developments in Congress, the courts, the Treasury, the IRS and other federal agencies.

  • Get status updates on pending legislation to help you track important developments as they unfold.
  • Authoritative and concise analysis of the issues and their potential impact provides timely tax-saving tips and guidance.
  • Front cover table of contents lets you quickly check for articles of interest.
  • Extensive cross-referencing allows easy access to a more in-depth look at the topic.

You’ll receive a summary of the following newsletters on a weekly basis with links to current content and prior issues in Checkpoint:

  • Federal Taxes Weekly Alert
  • State and Local Taxes Weekly
  • International Taxes Weekly Newsletter
  • Howard Zaritsky's Estate Planning Update
  • Pension and Benefits Week
  • EBIA Weekly
  • PPC's Five-Minute Tax Briefing

Get current, practical analysis with WG&L Journal Updates

WG&L Journal Updates provide focused, current and practical analysis. A vast array of tax experts have contributed articles to the journals resulting in unparalleled tax analysis and commentary. The journals cover federal tax, state tax, international tax, valuations, derivatives, tax exempt organizations, estate planning, business entities, finance and more.

You’ll receive a link to the most current issues of the following WG&L Tax Journals on Checkpoint on a monthly basis:

  • Corporate Taxation/Journal of Corporate Taxation
  • Journal of Taxation
  • Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives
  • Journal of International Taxation
  • Practical Tax Strategies/Taxation for Accountants
  • Taxation of Exempts/Journal of Taxation of Exempt Organizations
  • Estate Planning Journal
  • Real Estate Taxation [formerly Journal of Real Estate Taxation]

National Accounts Tax Newsletters

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