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Customers are at the heart of what we do – and what you do, too

Keith James  General Manager, Onvio Tax and Accounting Professionals

Keith James  General Manager, Onvio Tax and Accounting Professionals

Accounting keeps the global wheels of commerce rolling. Our vision is to empower tax and accounting firms by giving professionals the time, tools, and insights to secure the financial health of their clients. To establish this vision, we started with understanding you, our customers, and the challenges a changing environment present to your business and your clients’ finances. We recognize how critical that relationship is to your business and to your clients. To build the products to achieve that vision, it is critical we continue to engage, even obsess, about our customers and their clients, too.

Four key benefits to deliver emerged from talking to our customers:

  • Tools that allow clients and colleagues to collaborate
  • Access anywhere, anytime for staff and clients with a truly cloud-native platform
  • Automation and data collection tools that save time in tax compliance
  • And the insights that allow firms to grow their practice and deliver value to their clients with advisory services

To ensure we are on the right track, it is critical we test our assumptions at every stage of the process.  Whether sharing sketches on a virtual napkin or inviting customers to test Thomson Reuters Onvio® during our Beta, continuous feedback tells us where we are on track and where we need to adjust course.  Our Onvio Tax Beta in early 2021 yielded a number of valuable lessons and allowed us to sharpen our focus on performance and ease of use.

We also work closely with customers to demonstrate the impact of improvements we make to our software and workflows to help ensure we are delivering the benefits we described above. Inviting customers and your clients alike into the design process ensures we are building solutions that benefit both.

For example, did you know…

  • 20% of all the documents firms receive from clients show up in the two weeks before the tax deadline? Even with extended deadlines, clients tend to wait until the last minute
  • The average tax return is touched six times during a busy season – often so that staff can collect additional information from clients
  • As much of 66% of staff’s time during busy season is spent collecting data from clients

Of course, you do! These factors impact your business and your teams during the heart of busy season.  As we make ongoing improvements to Onvio Firm Management and Onvio Client Center, we can measure improvements against these metrics, ensuring we hit the mark for you and your clients.

It’s appropriate to take a moment now to say thank you to the nearly 100 firms who participated in our Onvio Tax Beta in early 2021. You voice is critical to our process.  As we release upgrades throughout 2021, make sure to subscribe to the Onvio newsletter for updates and measurable benefits this close collaboration delivers for Onvio customers and their clients.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Onvio, contact us today:
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