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Preparing for the future of tax and accounting

Keith James  General Manager, Onvio Tax and Accounting Professionals

Keith James  General Manager, Onvio Tax and Accounting Professionals

What is Onvio?

Thomson Reuters Onvio® is our new cloud-native platform for tax and accounting firms. We are reimagining UltraTax CS® and the CS Professional Suite® to deliver time savings, better client collaboration, and advisory opportunities in a faster, more flexible, more secure, and more accessible environment.

Why are we building Onvio?

We are building Onvio to help our customers thrive, not just survive.  Broadly speaking we think there are three big opportunities here to help your firm generate revenue, increase profits, and retain clients.

  1. Strategic Advisory Services: Many firms have ambitious growth plans to increase their focus on high-value advisory services. Given the complexity of today’s business environment, advisory services are in high demand. They are also an important driver of firm growth and client retention.
  2. Time-Saving and Waste Elimination:  Busy season compression combined with continued regulatory complexity adds up and it is more important than ever to get more done faster. Saving time has tangible benefits to end clients, profit margins, and employee morale.
  3. Client Retention:  We see an opportunity to help our customers differentiate their firm and retain clients through better engagement experiences. Service-level expectations are increasing and are being influenced by digital consumer opportunities. Firms can better retain clients by demonstrating that they are easy to work with and are keeping pace with growing service expectations.

How Can We Do This?

Advisory Services:  We are building features that offer personalized insights for your clients, capitalizing on both our content and data analytics expertise to deliver proprietary advisory solutions.

Time Saving and Waste Elimination:  Here we are focusing on automating and integrating. In Onvio, there is a single database, which means that data is shared across the platform. We are also partnering with third-party service providers for niche capabilities to help our customers increase efficiency.

Client Retention: Our approach to helping our clients increase their service level is to offer collaboration tools to improve the end-client experience. We are making it secure and simple to collect, share, and communicate. This not only improves the end-client experience, but it also makes the practitioner more efficient by reducing the need to chase down documents at the last minute.

When will it be available?

Firm management capabilities spanning document and project management, time and expense, and invoice and billing are available in Onvio now and integrate with UltraTax CS, with additional functionality releasing throughout the year. Our first advisory release for Onvio is coming this summer, will integrate with UltraTax CS, and offer federal and state multi-year, multi-scenario planning capabilities for individuals with the ability to share outputs directly with clients and staff. Additional tax planning tools – calculators, client guidance FAQs, and informative Checkpoint® content streams – will be included. In the fall we will be launching our compliance workflow for the tax year 2021.

Our Onvio plan is ambitious, and we have already made significant progress with Firm Management. By focusing on getting Onvio Tax right, we address time compression, client collaboration, and offer tools that facilitate advisory opportunities. The acceleration of working from home and the increasing expectation to stay connected in order to work outside of the physical office make being cloud-native an imperative. It also provides the flexibility that modern workers expect, making technology an important tool in attracting and retaining talent.

Finally, we are focused on making it easy to move to Onvio. This means making data migration easy, providing a consistent user experience, and offering modern in-app guides for support and digital tools to support the customer journey.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Onvio, contact us today:
800-968-8900 or

For more information, visit Onvio, to fulfill your firm’s tax compliance, firm management, and advisory needs.

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