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Our diverse accountant newsletters are designed to help you nurture your clients for enhanced retention and market to prospects and referral sources effectively, without costing you valuable billable time or costly effort. Newsletters for accountants are often the most productive devices in an accounting firm’s marketing strategy. Niche practice newsletters offer an even higher return on investment and conversion rate than general accounting newsletters.

We offer these invaluable newsletters for accountants in multiple formats, with a wide range of content and personalization options so that your firm has access to the very best solutions to help your practice thrive.

All of our CPA newsletters feature modern designs and brand-enhancing imagery. All are customizable. All have professionally-written content reviewed by industry experts for relevance and technical accuracy. Most offer you the exclusive distribution rights for your specific geographic area.

The bottom line: You don’t have to worry about quality, pertinence or local competition.

Our specialized accountant newsletters cover the topics that your network of contacts wants to know more about. Provide them with relevant, thought-provoking and actionable articles that will have them reaching out to you for additional insight and guidance. To maximize readership, meet your recipients’ preferences, optimize your budget, and achieve your communication objectives, our newsletters are available in these customizable, mix-and-match formats:

Customer Testimonial

“The quality and quantity of its content is the main reason we use Checkpoint Marketing for Firms. They’re very good at making complicated accounting and tax topics understandable to a lay person. Plus, their digital newsletter allows us to choose content from a variety of categories, so I can make the newsletter relevant to a dozen different niches. And when there’s a development that our clients should know about, they get out something about it right away. We just couldn’t do that as fast and well as they do.”

Cindy Scott, Director of Marketing
Jackson Thornton

CPA Email Newsletters

The CPA email newsletters sent out from the Checkpoint Marketing email marketing platform are the communication and marketing lifelines that drive the success of thousands of accountants and accounting firms throughout the United States, Canada and Australia.

In addition to all of the tools and functionality that you would expect a professional email marketing platform to contain, here are some of the unique benefits of our proprietary, content-rich email marketing platform:

  • Standard niche content — our platform comes with dozens of niche content categories so that you may customize each newsletter for each of your contacts based on their specific interests
  • Timely articles — you can choose to automatically include weekly topical articles or turn them off and use the articles for email blasts or in your next newsletter as your own custom content
  • 2-in-1 Video articles — get more ROI out of your CPA email newsletters by including our estate planning, human resources and business videos with related, but not identical, written feature articles
  • Master accounts — easily create different editions of your accountant newsletters to highlight your firm’s various areas of expertise, partners or locations and manage all editions from one master account
  • Alerts & reminders — identify warm leads and know when to follow up by using built-in features that facilitate your lead generation and business development activities
  • Metrics desktop dashboard — gain the advantage of real-time data (including open rates, click through rates, alerts and reminders) right on your computer’s desktop AND securely access your account with just one click
  • Banners & calls to action — thousands of modern, brand-enhancing banners, calls-to-action, images and graphics can be easily and professionally published in your email newsletters and email blasts
  • Social media integration — automatically add links to your social media sites to your email newsletters and enable quick and easy sharing of your content through integrated one-click “share this” functionality
Customer Testimonial

“When one of our clients went with another CPA firm in 2009, I put them on our email newsletter distribution list and used that to stay in contact. Recently, I called my contact to touch base, was able to get a meeting right away and re-engaged the lost client. My contact said that he had kept up with the people and events at the firm by reading every issue of our email newsletter, which impressed him. He told me that he took the meeting because of our email newsletter. About 70% of our growth in 2011 can be attributed to this one client, and our email newsletter was a significant influence on obtaining the business.”

Jeffrey Baer, CPA, CEO
Baer & Edington LLC

CPA Print Newsletters

Print newsletters for accountants have several benefits that email doesn’t offer. Printed niche practice newsletters are:

  • Tangible, making a strong sensory impression that makes it memorable
  • More likely to be delivered and seen by recipients
  • Portable, convenient and formatted for easy reading (especially for longer, more complicated articles)
  • Ideal for introducing your firm to new prospects because they don’t require opt-in permission
  • Differentiate your firm from competitors and make recipients feel special
  • Excellent for distributing as handouts, including with other mailings, and displaying in your office

Our CPA print newsletters lead the industry for quality, value, choice and subject relevance and specificity. With the finest articles written and reviewed by top-notch industry professionals included in each issue, these quarterly and bi-monthly publications not only save you time and effort, but ultimately cost less than what you could produce in-house.

Available for dozens of specialty accounting practice areas, as well as general business and accounting, our print niche practice newsletters may be easily customized for maximum branding without any effort from your staff. In addition, you will receive drafts of direct mail cover letters for you to personalize and print out on your firm’s letterhead to accompany each newsletter issue when it is sent to clients, prospects and referral sources. If you’d like to post your newsletter on your website, you will also receive a free PDF of your customized newsletter to do so.

Customer Testimonial

“Niche marketing is the cornerstone on which we’ve built our success over the last 10 years, and niche newsletters from Checkpoint Marketing for Firms have been a key component of our marketing strategy. We use them to increase and maintain brand awareness, show thought leadership, provide value to our clients, and generate leads. Their focused content helps us target specific audiences and grow our niches.”

Sara Robertson, Director of Marketing
GBQ Consulting LLC

PDF / Online CPA Newsletters

Just like with our other accountant newsletters, this cost-effective newsletter option helps you demonstrate thought leadership, reach more prospects, fuel your social media efforts, nurture clients and referral sources, and showcase your areas of expertise. Use our PDF program to complement and supplement your CPA email newsletters and print newsletters — effectively extending your reach — or as a stand-alone communication tool. With our PDF newsletter program, you will receive:

  • A web-friendly, professionally-designed PDF of your niche practice newsletter of choice
  • An email summary of the articles in each issue to forward to your contacts
  • A full page of customization to use as you choose
  • Your firm’s brand and contact information on the cover

This digital newsletter has the same design, layout and look as the correlating print version.

When posted on your website, your PDF accountant newsletter remains accessible to all of your site visitors. Use it to earn more business opportunities by sharing the article summaries and links to the PDF file through your firm’s social media channels, email campaigns, email signature blocks, and through any other marketing strategies your firm employs.

Customer Testimonial

“The newsletter gives me an easy way to regularly share helpful information with clients and other contacts. It’s one of the ways we keep our name out there and let people know about developments at our firm, such as new acquisitions or staff members. I like being able to send out such good content without having to spend time developing it, and our clients like receiving information about ways to meet challenges and increase their success.”

Kathy Sheldon, Director of Sales and Marketing
Johnson & Sheldon, PC

Content-only CPA Newsletters

We also offer our professional niche content for you to use for your own purposes. Perhaps you already have a template and distribution method that you love and you only need content to supplement your messaging. We can do that. We offer content-only subscriptions to most of our newsletters. With a content-only subscription, you receive Microsoft® Word files of the articles by email when each newsletter issue is published. You are welcome to edit and use the articles however you like:

  • Insert them into your own newsletter template
  • Post them on your website
  • Publish them on your blog
  • Share them on your social media channels
  • Use them as the basis for speeches, seminars and presentations

Additionally, you may purchase a separate subscription to our Content Store and access even more high quality articles on the subjects that your contacts will appreciate most.

Customer Testimonial

“Technology is making communication faster and more specific. As a result, accounting marketing is becoming more dynamic and complex, as information about client needs and interests becomes easier to gather, and client expectations about rapid response increase. The key is to provide the right information at the right time. To do that, you need to use a variety of channels, so you can keep the sales funnel full and your brand top of mind.”

Eric Majchrzak, Shareholder and Chief Marketing Officer

We can help you determine exactly which CPA newsletter solutions will best meet your needs, budget and goals. Call us at 866.240.8477 and discover how our newsletters for CPA firms and other accounting marketing tools can help you sustain and grow your practice.

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