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You can’t afford to neglect content marketing. But you also can’t afford to invest a significant amount of time or money into marketing your firm. That’s where our range of content solutions come in.

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Even after 25 years, email remains the top revenue and lead driver for business-to-business marketing. Email marketing has stood the test of time, continuing to trump other channels for lead generation and client retention. With most new sales coming from your existing clients, why wouldn’t you want to nurture clients with an accounting newsletter that provides them with timely educational and actionable information all year long?

Niche accounting newsletters offer an even higher return on investment and conversion rate than general accounting newsletters. They are also more cost-effective than ever before. Your staff would be completely consumed if they were responsible for writing or curating accurate, quality articles to include in a monthly newsletter. Allow them to focus on their areas of expertise, while we focus on ours — creating accountant newsletters full of relevant, timely and actionable content for your firm’s benefit.

Developed exclusively for accounting firms, our newsletters include topics of interest to your contacts. Provide them with relevant, thought-provoking articles that will have them reaching out to you for additional insight and guidance, rather than to a competitor. Our digital accounting newsletters are the communication and marketing lifelines that drive the success of thousands of accountants and accounting firms throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Newsletters Cater to our Business Development Strategy (3:14)
Jennifer Deroin, Chief Operating Officer at Nichols Accounting Group, candidly discusses her firm’s three-pronged approach to business development, at the heart of which are the email newsletters from Checkpoint Marketing for Firms.

If you haven’t considered print newsletters, you may be overlooking several benefits that email doesn’t offer. Our printed accountant newsletters are:

  • Tangible, making a memorable sensory impression
  • Portable, convenient and formatted for easy reading (especially for longer, more complicated articles)
  • Ideal for introducing your firm to new prospects because they don’t require opt-in permission
  • A way to differentiate your firm from competitors and make recipients feel special
  • Excellent for distributing as handouts or in other mailings and displaying in your office

Both our print and digital CPA newsletters lead the industry for quality, value, relevance and specificity. Position your firm for success now and in years to come with accounting newsletters that take advantage of today’s information-heavy climate. Solidify your reputation as a trusted advisor with regular, proactive client communications.

Customer Testimonial

"The newsletter gives me an easy way to regularly share helpful information with clients and other contacts. It’s one of the ways we keep our name out there and let people know about developments at our firm, such as new acquisitions or staff members. I like being able to send out such good content without having to spend time developing it, and our clients like receiving information about ways to meet challenges and increase their success."

Kathy Sheldon, Director of Sales and Marketing
Johnson & Sheldon, PC

Expand your client base and reach more prospects in a shorter amount of time by focusing less on one-on-one communications and more on timely one-to-many communications. Call us at 866.240.8477 or submit the form below to discover how our newsletters for CPA firms can help you sustain and grow your practice.

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