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The only cloud-based Single Audit solution

Confidently complete Single Audits with ease

Overcome the complex, challenging, and ever-changing Single Audit requirements with Checkpoint® Engage Single Audit, a cloud-based application that guides you through an automated process. Being part of the Checkpoint Engage family of products provides a seamless experience with your financial statement audit fieldwork for: local governments, nonprofits, school districts, and HUD engagements, along with the other Thomson Reuters® Cloud Audit Suite applications including AdvanceFlow and Thomson Reuters Confirmation. Now you can complete all of your audits from a single platform.

Only Checkpoint Engage Single Audit is embedded with the Office of Management & Budget’s (OMB) Uniform Guidance and Compliance Supplement requirements and backed by an in-house team of expert CPAs and nationally recognized external authors that leverage prior-year inputs while directing you to comply with current standards.

A modern way to complete Single Audits

SEFA support

Compiles data needed for Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) report

Guided process

Automates the process of identifying major programs and provides step by step guidance

Staff collaboration

Allows multiple staff to collaborate in the same engagement at the same time with real time updates

OMB Compliance Supplement

Embedded with the current OMB Uniform Guidance and Compliance Supplement requirements

Awards tracking

Tracks and stores awards and expenditures, plus the last time a program was audited as major

Cloud-based solution

Delivers the flexibility to work from anywhere and complete audits online — from one platform

Checkpoint Engage Single Audit

Voted 2023 Top New Product by Accounting Today

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Save time with a cloud-based solution

Checkpoint Engage Single Audits provides a guided process and detailed assistance to confidently complete Single Audits faster. Take a look at the new experience.


Comprehensive, guided process

Intuitive setup process

  • Enable Single Audit on an existing Engagement
  • Create a Single Audit only Engagement
  • Review filter questions based on Single Audit selection
  • Set up Single Audit based on automatically suggested compliance supplement

Analyze federal awards

Get a snapshot of all the awards and expenditures needed to generate the SEFA report.

  • Add federal awards for programs and clusters
  • Edit or delete awards
  • Track the entire Single Audit workflow
  • Export the entire form to PDF

Assess risk

Single Audit creates individual risk assessment forms in AdvanceFlow for Type A and Type B programs, plus:

  • Automatically calculates the Type A threshold
  • Determines Type A and Type B programs based on the expenditures and award type
  • Assesses the risk of Type A programs to determine if the programs is major and tracks the coverage
  • Provides a counter that shows how many Type B programs need to be assessed as high risk to meet the required coverage

Track completion

  • Ensure the form can be edited by only one user at a time with a multi-user lock
  • Track the sign off progress
  • Edit sign offs using the tool bar menu option
  • Add the Workpaper reference for easy access
  • Leave a reviewer comment for colleagues
  • Monitor error messages

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