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PPC's Tax Deskbooks and Planning Guides from Thomson Reuters Checkpoint have been relied on by thousands of practitioners for over 25 years

The reason is simple: they provide complete and easy-to-understand answers for solving real-life tax return and related planning issues. Other tax publications stop with interpretation and analysis, often leaving you to determine how something should be reported. Bridge the gap between interpreting tax law and reporting real-life client transactions with PPC's Tax resources.

PPC's Tax Deskbooks - Now with Interactive Practice Aids


Featuring industry-leading guidance and time-saving, customized tools for tax professionals, PPC's Tax Deskbooks — now with Interactive Practice Aids — offer many ways to help you efficiently prepare accurate, consistent client tax returns with confidence.

Tax laws and regulations are incredibly complex and constantly changing.

Tax season continues to shrink as IRS takes longer to release final forms and to start accepting tax returns due to identity theft and other issues. Interactions with the IRS are more time-consuming than ever due to the explosion of IRS post-filing notices.

Ensure accurate, consistent, and efficient tax returns.

Core Deskbooks have been enhanced with Interactive Practice Aids presented in context so you can cut through your compliance workload with confidence and mitigate busy season pressures. Using an innovative Context Panel, you can easily see in one view all the Interactive Practice Aids available for a particular Key Issue or Illustration (including worksheets, checklists, elections, statements, letters, and more) and launch them from wherever they are discussed. Choose to complete Interactive Practice Aids directly within Checkpoint and save them to a Checkpoint folder or export them and work offline.

The Interactive Practice Aids are now available for the federal tax compliance Deskbook library titles 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 706/709, 990, 5500, and Payroll Tax.

  • Address key issues you or your staff will encounter with expert guidance written by experienced practitioners.
  • Confidently resolve return preparation issues that are new, different from prior year(s), or frequently encountered, missed or misunderstood.
  • Quickly grasp the concepts with hundreds of real-life examples.
  • Ensure proper reporting and reduce audit triggers with filled-in forms.
  • Minimize risk of costly errors with return preparation and review checklists that guide you through troublesome areas.
  • Save time gathering client data with client organizers that obtain data from clients in consistent formats.
  • Easily identify tax-saving opportunities by reviewing a client’s or prospective client’s completed tax return with Roadmaps to tax planning.

PPC's Tax Planning Guides

PPC's Tax Planning Guides are the perfect companions to PPC's Tax Deskbooks. They provide practical solutions to your clients’ tax questions and enable you to confidently provide expert tax advice no matter the scenario. This can lead to increased client satisfaction and help you expand the portfolio of services you offer your clients. You can use the unique roadmap feature in the core Planning Guides to proactively identify profitable tax planning opportunities when reviewing a client’s (or prospective client’s) completed tax return.