Customer Agreement

The Thomson Reuters – Tax & Accounting Business ("Thomson Reuters") standard customer agreement incorporates the terms and conditions set out in:

  • The applicable version of the Master Terms, as identified in Client's Order Form;
  • The relevant Schedule(s), as identified in Client’s Order Form; and
  • Client’s Order Form or Statement of Work.

By accepting the Order Form and/or Statement of Work, Client acknowledges that it has read and accepted the relevant terms and conditions incorporated into its Order Form and/or Statement of Work.

Client should print and retain a copy of the relevant terms and conditions applicable to its Agreement with Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters may update the Master Terms and/or Schedules from time to time. New versions of these documents will be posted below. If you have already entered into an Agreement with Thomson Reuters these new version will only apply if incorporated in a subsequent Order Form. Previous versions of the Master Terms and Schedules, if applicable, will be set forth under "Previous versions".