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Tax & Tech Talks: How tech tools help mitigate supply chain disruption

Learn what strategies and tools customers can use to navigate the cataclysmic changes with supply chain disruption erupting around the world.

Listen as Global Trade experts, Suzanne Offerman and EY’s Lynlee Brown talk about global supply chain trends and offer strategies and technology tools to help mitigate these disruptions.

The most recognizable supply chain disruption over the last few years has undoubtedly been the China Section 301-Tariff Actions and Exclusion Process. These include the punitive tariffs on Chinese origin products, tariffs on EU and US origin products under that large civil aircraft dispute, and some retaliation around digital services taxes on specific origin items. Add in the new administration’s new United States Trade Representative, most companies are eager to understand this new field of play. What would these changes potentially bring?­ ­

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