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Tax season report card: How did your firm perform?

Paperwork, filing, and deadlines, oh my! Another tax season has come and gone. As you recover from the long hours and sleepless nights, you may be wondering just how successful you and your firm were this season.

  • How many times did you eat at your desk?
  • How short staffed did you feel? 
  • Did you have bandwidth issues? 
  • Was your software reliable? 
  • How many clients were a breeze, as opposed to the ones that made you scream into a pillow?

In this webcast, we’ll reflect on your firm’s performance in four categories: talent, growth, client service, and efficiency. Together, we’ll recognize common pitfalls, nuances, and pain points for your firm so we can begin the process of a stronger, more successful next tax season. 

We know accountants are so much more than a tax return service. Join us as we uncover potential gaps in your firm that are costing you the “perfect grade” on your Tax Season Report Card.

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