White paper

E-invoicing compliance: A world of complex challenges for global organizations

Global organizations face an increasingly complex challenge in complying with e-invoicing, continuous transaction control (CTC), and real-time reporting regulations. Governments around the world are digitalizing their tax systems, mandating real-time data reporting, and implementing unique e-invoicing requirements. Companies must upgrade their invoice process, connect to government networks, ensure invoice compatibility with requirements, and integrate with existing financial systems, all while keeping up with ever-changing regulations.

With no standard global format for e-invoices, companies must develop individual solutions for each country in which they operate, creating enormous complexity and cost.

Download the Thomson Reuters white paper, “E-invoicing compliance: A world of complex challenges for global organizations,” to:

  • Recognize the numerous compliance challenges facing global organizations.
  • Examine the opportunities available to accommodate the e-invoice CTC country mandates using Thomson Reuters and Pagero software.  
  • Find out how global organizations can save money, speed compliance, and position themselves for prosperity in the global marketplace for e-invoicing and real-time reporting.

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