How software elevates your firm’s recruitment and retention

The future of tax automation

The accounting profession is in the midst of being redefined by technological evolution and rapidly shifting business landscapes. But accounting firms are grappling with a different challenge — one that isn't rooted in numbers or compliance but in people. It is increasingly difficult to attract and retain top-tier talent.

Firms are dealing with a noticeable decrease in recent college graduates eager to join the profession, compounded by a wave of experienced accountants nearing retirement or choosing to leave the profession for other opportunities. While the reasons are multifaceted, a standard narrative emerges: the perception of the accounting profession as cumbersome, laden with repetitive tasks, and lacking work-life balance.

This white paper, drawing insights from a recent webinar hosted by Dan Kolleth and Scott Keil, both Solutions Consultants at Thomson Reuters, delves deep into this talent conundrum. It seeks to understand the origins of this perception challenge and uncover how technology can be a game changer in reshaping firm dynamics so accounting firms can attract and retain quality talent.

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