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Import Management

Leading global import compliance and management software from Thomson Reuters

Why choose Import Management

Managing ever-changing trade regulations from agencies around the world is a major job. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Import Management is an importing software solution that keeps your process running smoothly — which means a lower risk of noncompliance or overpaying duties. Our world-class import management software gives you control over documents at every stage and keeps information consistent, secure, and linked in a centralized database. Plus, it automatically calculates costs and expenses, so you can better plan and identify savings opportunities.

What you get with our import management software

Documentation control

Manage all of your relevant documents in the import process with greater visibility, efficiency, and recordkeeping.

Customs clearance control

Easily trace your import clearance documents, directly file with government agencies, and prevent customs delays for deliveries of goods.

Cost and expense risk analysis

Automatically calculate import costs and expenses and compare planned to actual costs.

Import process control

​Consolidate documents relevant to the import process, allowing multiple bills of lading, invoices, and clearances.

ADD/CVD controls

Keep track of antidumping and countervailing duties so you can identify potential future refunds or if additional duties are required.

Shipment status visibility

Take control of shipping instructions, departure, and receipt processing information.

Global trade content

Manage global regulatory trade data, such as Harmonized Tariff, Schedule B, ADD/CVD, and OGA

ONESOURCE solutions for trade compliance

Learn how trade compliance software from ONESOURCE Global Trade can help you meet trade challenges with confidence.

We cut import lead time by about 30% and we had an approximate 90% reduction in costs with customs brokers.

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