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One-day on-site needs assessment

Our one-day on-site needs assessment visit provides trade compliance departments the opportunity to evaluate their current state and to identify a future desired state that automates compliance activities. By analyzing the differences or the gaps between the two identified positions, our staff will provide you with a strategic roadmap for you to follow to build automation into your trade compliance department that best suits your international operations.

Our one-day needs assessment consists of the following:

  • Initial review and assessment of your company's trade compliance activities and its current state
  • Evaluation of current workflow, requirements and standards and proposed enhancements for improving compliance and efficiencies
  • Gap assessment with recommended solutions for process automation
  • Report that outlines your company’s trade compliance current state and recommendations for an enhanced trade compliance program
  • Identify areas for potential savings and risk mitigation

Customer benefits to our one day needs assessment

Expert insight

Our staff have the benefit of having conducted need assessments in a wide variety of industries and are able to share best practices and industry wide knowledge.

Fresh perspective

Our experts bring fresh eyes and a new approach to study, examine and analyze a company’s trade compliance processes.

Minimal business impact

As an outside party, we can enter your location for the sole purpose of conducting a needs assessment. We conduct the assessment, and interview and gather operational data in a timely manner with your support and minimal disruption to your trade compliance activities.

Schedule Your on-site needs assessment

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