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Become a certified user today

ONESOURCE is the industry’s most powerful portfolio of tax and accounting technology for corporations. Put that power behind you.

Welcome to the ONESOURCE Certified User Program

This is a new program offering Certification for the individual Users of our products. Certification allows a User to demonstrate a recognized level of competency within a product by passing a product specific exam. Check out our Certification options here and then scroll down below to find out more, including how to CERTIFY TODAY!

Certified Professional User

A professional User will have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable and competent in using a range of general product features. By passing the exam, the User will have demonstrated that they have a strong understanding on how to perform the required functions/tasks typical of that product.

Certified Expert User

An Expert must already have achieved the Certified Professional User level. The Expert exam will require the learner to demonstrate full understanding of advanced product features and complex use-cases.

Specialty Certifications

Several ONESOURCE products have domain-specific add-on modules. These modules have their own certification exams. These exams are equivalent to the Certified Professional User level but focus on more specialized module features and/or administrative functions. The User will still demonstrate that they have a strong understanding of how to perform the required functions/tasks of that specialized product.

Why certify?

Are you a Tax Professional seeking a key differentiator within your company or wanting to validate your experience and knowledge within the marketplace? Are you a Tax Manager looking to increase the tax technology proficiency within your team or searching for potential candidates with proven ONESOURCE experience?

Yes? Then you have come to the right place.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Validation of your product knowledge & experience
  • Key market differentiator
  • Access to digital badges & official certificate
  • Increase legal technology proficiency in your organization
  • Easily identify qualified candidates for your team
  • Build engaging career paths for your employees
  • Add credibility to your offers in the services marketplace 
  • Standardize your workforce skills

Ready to certify?

Step 1: Prepare

Select the available User Certification you wish to certify in and purchase the exam.

Step 2: Pass exam

Take the exam online, at your convenience, within 12 months of purchase.

Step 3: Share badge

After passing the Exam, you’ll have immediate access to digital badges and a certificate to share the great news with your network!