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Active Workpapers

Create and update workpapers right in the ONESOURCE platform

Why choose Active Workpapers

Stop using external spreadsheets for custom calculations. The Active Workpapers module lets you embed Excel® workpapers directly into your Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Tax Provision software, centralizing everything in one place for greater control and clarity. Our services team can even work with you to identify and convert relevant workpapers — without altering the processes that already work for your team.

What you get with our Tax Provision add-on

Integrate spreadsheets

Embed custom calculations such as depreciation, loss scheduling, and foreign tax credits into ONESOURCE Tax Provision.

Reduce risk

Create data controls and audit trails around existing spreadsheets.

Drive efficiency

Centralize all workpapers within your tax provision system.

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Get everything you need to automate and streamline your corporate income tax process, from planning and provisioning to filing and reporting.

The Active Workpapers module allows us to make sure we’ve accounted for everything, while taking the manual work out of our provision process.

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