FileRoom module
Be more efficient with powerful document management software

Why choose FileRoom

The less time you waste hunting down files, the more efficient you and your team can be. The FileRoom module plugs into Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Workflow Manager to help you locate, organize, and store tax documents. Securely access documents from the office, at home, or on the road, making sure you’re always working with the latest versions. And because you don’t need to deal with paper files, you’ll save office space and money, too.

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What you get with our powerful document management software

File storage controls

Organize files the way you want with customizable drawers, index structures, and reports.

Real-time document updates

Access up-to-the-minute information in all files.

Powerful search and retrieval

Find the documents you need quickly with keyword search and index fields.

Version control

​Track and review document changes with detailed audit trails.

Cost savings

Reduce costs by eliminating paper files, storage fees, postage, and manual paper handling.

Document security

Set permissions by user, group, document type, or individual document, so only the right people see the right files.

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