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Time-saving tools

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AdvanceFlow screenshot | Create request

Client communications

Streamline the information request process with the ability to send and track client communications using the Communications tab. You can also track the discussion in real time and upload sample documents to show how the request should be completed. Manage documentation through drag and drop and set up automated email reminders for pending requests.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | modern user interface

Modern user interface 

Maximize your workspace, easily see your engagements, track due dates with the engagement dashboard, and get notifications for tasks assigned to you with this intuitive interface.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | Audit communications

Audit confirmations 

Initiate, monitor, and receive in-network financial confirmation seamlessly from AdvanceFlow with integration to Confirmation.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | Roll forward engagement

Roll forward 

Save time with a simple, quick, and effective roll-forward feature that provides engagement information, reporting periods, dates and indexing, trial balance, and work paper settings for the subsequent year’s audit file. 

Real-time updates 

Ensure you are working from the most current engagement with automatic updates that happen in real time — no need to refresh or worry about sync issues.

Real-time collaboration 

Boost efficiency with the ability to work on the same engagement at the same time as your colleagues to enhance productivity, regardless of your working location.

Real-time access 

Gain the flexibility to work from wherever life takes you by simply logging into AdvanceFlow from any computer to access your up-to-date engagements.

Start saving time on your engagements today

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Powerful work paper management

Manage even the most data-intensive engagement with a variety of work paper management features that allow you and your team to get the job done faster and more accurately.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | compilation and review

Customizable workspace

Simply drag-and-drop to organize your workpapers in a way that works for you, including customizable folders, signoffs, and more. The design of AdvanceFlow continues to improve for greater efficiency without disrupting your workflow.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | multitasking

Multitasking capabilities 

Perform several tasks simultaneously by accessing the same documents as your colleagues with cloud-based technology.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | Review notes

Review notes 

Attach notes to your workpapers and assign to staff for follow up. See notes assigned to each staff member or work paper.


Lock a work paper, assign it, or undo the checkout.

Easy signoff 

Assign and track signoffs right from AdvanceFlow.

Complete your workpapers quickly and confidently

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Sophisticated trial balance capabilities

Prepare financial statements quickly and accurately with fast imports and customizable features. The working trial balance is powerful, even for large consolidation and fund clients.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | Trial balance

Microsoft Excel import

Exceptionally fast imports and exports make it easy to transfer data from spreadsheet files. AdvanceFlow can quickly import a large chart of accounts so you can continue working on the engagement during the import process.

Journal entries

Add, edit, or delete journal entries from the Journal Entries tab on AdvanceFlow. You can create and modify any adjustments to the trial balance using any available type.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | Journal entries
AdvanceFlow screenshot | Consolidate trial balance

Consolidated trial balances 

Easily and efficiently complete your consolidations. Staff can work on the trial balances at the same time.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | Custome reports

Custom Reports

Create reports by adding as many columns as you want. It’s simple to add or edit options and columns.

AdvanceFlow screenshot | Microsoft Office integration

Microsoft Office integration 

Link your Excel and Word files to the trial balance. Names, dates, and numbers will update and recalculate when AdvanceFlow data changes.

Customizable views 

Save the column structure of your working trial balance.

Extensive account filtering 

Filter based on funds, divisions, or by criteria within the account number.


Get notifications for tasks assigned to you.

Complete your work quickly with these trial balance capabilities

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Seamless workflow

Confidently complete engagements faster with seamless data flow to Thomson Reuters solutions and integration with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Excel integration spreadsheet screenshot

Microsoft Excel integration

Using the AdvanceFlow toolbar, you can integrate with the Microsoft Office suite of products, including Word and Excel, to create audit workpapers, financial statements, or lead sheets.

Audit workflow 

AdvanceFlow brings a new level of convenience as part of Cloud Audit Suite, an end-to-end solution to easily manage your entire audit engagement from a single source, including audit confirmations.

Tax workflow integration 

Experience a seamless workflow with integration to other Thomson Reuters solutions, including GoSystem Tax RS and UltraTax CS, to confidently complete engagements faster without duplicative data entry.

Document management 

Access GoFileRoom through AdvanceFlow to create a paperless workflow. The premier cloud-based document management and storage system standardizes and organizes volumes of documents to your business's needs.

Implement all the trusted tools under one service

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